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How To Get Your Phone Working Again After Falling Into Water

How To Get Your Phone Working Again After Falling Into Water

If it happened that your mobile phone has accidently fell into water or got drenched by the rain, the following are simple and easy steps to rescue the phone from total damage.

Mobile phones are such a slippery device that can fall at any point in time. It could be in the swimming pools, riverside, kitchen, water parks or even in the toilet. People do accidently drop their mobile phones in water. And this could result in unnecessary expenses by taking it to the service center.

However, if you act in the nick of time, there are favourable chances that you can avoid unnecessary expenses or save your mobile phone from getting spoiltWe found out that when most people suffer this accident with their mobile, they panic and try put it on instantly. This is however a big mistake.If your phone slipped into water, there are good chances that this phone will get back into action if the steps we will be highlighting below are followed faithfully. However, we do not guarantee an 100% result.Be informed therefore that this methods work only effectively if only the exposure time of the mobile phone with water is not so long.
Again, we do not guarantee that the phone will come back to its full normal functioning

after this steps.
The following are 3 steps to take when it happened that your mobile phone dropped into water.

First Step: Switch Off And Remove The Parts

The first we would suggest when your phone dropped in water is that you switch it off. This can easily be done by removing the battery instantly. Now, this you must not waste time on. For phones with inbuilt batteries, what you need to do is switching off the device. In addition, you should take out some removable body parts of the phone to allow for easier drying.

Second Step: Clean/Dry Possible Parts

The second step we would suggest you take is wiping the drenched parts with a soft clean/dry abrasive. After this, you can wrap these parts in a clean/dry tissue. What you should not do after is putting the parts together and starting the mobile phone. This could inflict a serious damage to the device.

Step Three: Place In Rice

Place In Rice

Place the drenched phone and components in the bowl of dry rice grains. You need to place this bowl under sunlight or at a dry place for at least a day or more. The longer you keep the bowl in a dry and warm place; the chances of your phone getting functional again are higher.As soon as you observed that the external and internal parts of the phone have gained some level of dryiness try to put it on. However, if you observe any faulty issue or malfunctioning at this point, try to take it this time to the service center.

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