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What To Do When You’re Unhappy With Your Job

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It has been proven that you’ are more likely to be happy being in a career you have passion for than that which you do not. When it comes to those which people are not, most people find it difficult to shift their career to a more meaningful path which they have passion for.

But this in particular most people fail to do or achieve for some number of reasons which may includes:
~Fear of the unknown in the new career territory they fancy to dabble into. Likewise,
~The emotional pain they’re in their present job affect their thinking as to having the decisiveness to identify the best next shapes their career needs to take.

But just they should know, they are not alone in this!

According to a survey done by Gallup, it was discovered that about a whooping 70% of people are not comfortable with their job.
This should in a way tell you that if you don’t like the job you are doing present, you need to feel better and take these necessary steps as people in such situation are numerous.

And peradventure you’re part of the other half—the 30%, great! But you should basically know it’s high time you left your job when you notice going to work in the morning has become so unappealing that your brain tries to convince you to stay put at home.

Just you should know, the negative impact of having a job you hate or feel repulsive of has a way of spreading to other parts of your life tones of negativity.
You could see yourself developing slight depression, and, if the reason you hate your job is a toxic manager, you could even get PTSD by that.
Why would you allow these nagativities to have a hold of your mental well being? Thus, consider the following steps.

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1. Examine your circumstances.

At this stage, it’s important to employ the power of deep thinking to find out why you’re unhappy at work because in fine-tuning the cause of unhappiness in jobs places, it is difficult and complex most times. Understanding what part of your job makes your working environment repulsive need a holistic examination.

Have you ever felt that there is no path to further your career development?
Do you feel like your effort doesn’t get to be recognized by the company?

Or is the company’s culture unacceptable to you in anyway?
Are you feeling fulfilled with the current position you are?
Or don’t you have the feeling that you could have chosen the wrong career and this is the time you move out?

Getting to discover the real causes of your dissatisfaction at work will help you manage them better than when being uncertain about them.

2. Plan ahead.

Now that you know the reason behind your discontent in your career, now think of ideas to help you decide on how to proceed with the steps you’ve concluded to take. Weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of staying where you are as against moving to another career or company entirely.

3. Decide on what you would like to achieve with your career.

On this, If you decided to stay with the firm for instance, then it is the time you thought about actions to take that would bring happiness back into your work life.

At this point, you can also look out for other viable options in other departments for better career undertakings. But, if you find that you need to leave the company or firm entirely, please do.

4. Put yourself up for action.

Now, after you’ve compared and contrasted the options at hands, and have settled for a definite path of decision to follow, start organizing the logistics to use.

Logistics could be most times challenging, or how do you easily make it known to your boss you’re not happy with your job?

We cannot in a particular way answer this. The overall nature of your personality would determine whether this talk could be liberating or disastrous.

However, practicing in front of the mirror or calling a friend to act your boss while you relate to him your ordeal are some ways to put yourself for action, as this help you to anticipate your boss’s reaction and figuring out how to react in return.

6.Take action!

It is of no use to make great plans but only to chicken out of it in the end. It’s an act of cowardice! Therefore, covert all previous planning into actual movement with unwavering confidence!

However, moving to another department or company doesn’t automatically guarantee a happiness. But being certain that you’re capable of changing your career’s path may be enough to bring the needed joy and boss attitude at work.

So, if it’s to go…go ahead!

Enrol for those new classes, get your resume well rebranded, hire professionals to do if you can; and contact recruiters in your choice industry.
Congratulation! For you’re now on a leeway to finding happiness on a wholely fresh career atmosphere.

If you find this helpful, do well to say something in the comment box, and share to others who may be confronting similar career uncertainty.

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