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What To Do When Your Spouse Ignores You

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The man you love most in your life ignores you, no longer speaks to you? There is nothing less annoying when you are really interested in a person!

It is quite possible that this man really has nothing to do with you, and that his action, in this case his lack of action towards you is justified, but in the opposite case, he uses a technique of widespread seduction and which seems to work well on you! 

First of all you will have to identify if his behavior tends towards the first or the second option!

Don’t worry, even if this situation is a real problem for you, it can be solved quite easily! Follow the steps below and get that guy who’s ignoring you to react!

Just ignore it

This solution may seem a little meaningless at first glance because you are hoping for contact, not running away from it. 

Of course, it is dangerous, but this solution seems to work in different scenarios. This is the technique of Radio Silence that you can couple later with sentences to be able to recover it .

You only have to think of the famous adage “Run from me, I’ll follow you, follow me, I’ll run away from you!” “.

Nothing’s easy. If he’s genuinely interested in you, he won’t ignore you for that long. Keep ignoring it until it shows up, which won’t take long. 

If he never gets back in touch with you, it will mean that he’s not interested in you, and there’s nothing you can do about that. 

Nevertheless, it will show him that you are a cheeky woman, who deserves herself and does not depend on any boy, and that is quite honorable.

By adopting the same behavior as him, you will show that you like to challenge and men love it! 

You will immediately stand out from a girl who is too easily seduced and falls in love quickly: you are different and ready to win back your man.

Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes and give no sign of life for an indefinite period of time, but enough to show what kind of wood you’re on!

Don’t be easy to judge

You don’t know yet if this is normal behavior on his part or if he really isn’t interested in you.

You shouldn’t be too quick to judge a guy who ignores you as long as you don’t know his real intention.

You must not have your idea directly in your head without taking the time to think about it and observe the scene, at the risk of ruining your relationship.

Maybe the man of your dreams has one or more reasons to avoid you? He is coming out of a breakup? He thinks of another girl? He had a death in his entourage?

Or does he have personal issues? Do not judge too easily without taking the time to understand the person, otherwise you will miss out on a relationship.

Indeed, if you have been in a relationship for several years and unfortunately your activities as a couple do not evolve, he will again look for this little flame elsewhere.

You always do the same things at the same time with the same people. On vacation you go to the same place, even your sex life is not fulfilling.

Therefore, your man is keeping his  distance because he has become aware of this and does not wish to continue living in the routine. 

If you have known each other for a short time and the arguments are daily, he will inevitably seek to escape a little, to breathe because the tensions often cause deep discomfort. Feelings can’t always heal everything.

Plus, being ignored can also be because you’re not putting in the effort he expects.

Let’s be clear, I’m not trying to throw stones at you or blame you for the situation you’re going through, but sometimes men and women have trouble realizing their behavior as a couple and the fact that it is sometimes their actions that are responsible for the estrangement of their other half.


Regardless of the reasons that may explain the estrangement from your man, day, you have to act now, I mean as  soon as you become aware. The longer you delay, the less your chances will be.

Many women believe that time is their ally and that their mate will come closer once his “crisis” is over. 

However, operating in this way and hoping that it is by remaining with folded arms that you will manage to overcome this bad patch with the lack of interest of her husband or her boyfriend is not at all a good option.

Worse that’s what may make your man move away even more.

You must therefore take initiatives without delay in order to improve your life as a couple and bring back the man you love. 

You can no longer be passive and wait for things to change without acting on your side. 

In love, everything is possible and even the situations that seem the most difficult to live have a solution, but they still have to be found and applied.

Don’t wait until it’s too late if you really want to save your couple and preserve your other half’s feelings. 

I am aware that many of you start out defeatist and think that it is not possible to reverse the trend, that the damage has been done. 

However, you should not sit idly by if you still believe there is a chance of having him back.

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