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A lot of people are interested in the concept of being in a relationship. However, they are ignorant or undecided of what they will actually want while in a relationship. Before jumping into a relationship, the question that you should ask yourself and subsequently answer is- “What do I need in a relationship?”. Though this question may appear petty, it is actually very deep once considered properly.


This article is aimed at enlightening the public on how to determine what they need before proceeding to be in a romantic relationship.


1. Be in love with yourself first of all.

Numerous individuals incorrectly look for a heartfelt partner to complete them. In any case, your partner should just add up to you—you should as of now be perfect all alone. Feeling total means having self-admiration that isn’t subject to any other person cherishing you.

Show affection for yourself by:

A. Making a rundown of your choice characteristics (for example amiability, your cheerfulness, and so on)

B. Addressing yourself in a delicate, cherishing manner as you would a companion.

C. Getting mindful of your internal necessities and wants and living as per them.

D. Really focusing on your body.

E. Overseeing pressure.

F. Staying away from the propensity to choose not to move on—live in the present.


2. Consider what sort of relationship you need.

What are your assumptions, for both your companion and yourself? Attempt to be as unprejudiced about yourself as could be expected. This will assist you with recognizing sorts of individuals you need to quit seeing and personal conduct standards that you need to end, which will help you sort out the sort of relationship you really need.

For instance, you may believe you’re prepared to settle down, however where it counts you know you’re not prepared for that sort of responsibility. Again, on the other hand, you may think you simply need to have some good times, however you know from past connections that you get excessively genuinely contributed.

3. Change your rundown of major issues into most significant characteristics.

Return to your rundown of major issues. By understanding what you don’t need, you would now be able to uncover a few things that you do. Change your rundown of major issues into positive characteristics that you want in a relationship.

For example, if a major issue for you was somebody who has a drug or liquor issue, you may change that into “worry for physical and mental well-being”. You realize you would prefer not to be involved with somebody who uses drugs or liquor abusively, so you would search for somebody who appears to focus on wellbeing.

Add more ‘pleasant to-have’ characteristics as you consider them. Be totally fair with yourself. On the off chance that actual engaging quality is a major issue for you, put that down. In any case, attempt to zero in on characteristics that don’t have to do with looks, like knowledge, commitment, and compassion. You ought to likewise consider things like religion and legislative issues, which could conceivably be applicable to you. Try not to forget about anything, regardless of how humiliating or paltry it appears.

4. Be the individual you need to date.

One technique to expand on the way toward finding your perfect partner is to embrace the characteristics you yourself desires. This technique permits you to check whether your assumptions are sensible and it additionally allows you an opportunity to survey what you will give in a relationship. It’s outlandish to have a rundown of requests without rolling out any improvements all alone. In any case, exemplifying the attributes you want makes you an appealing partner that will probably draw in somebody like you.

For instance, if actual wellbeing and prosperity is a significant quality you are requesting in an partner, endeavor to go through a month zeroing in your own wellbeing—eating optimally, working out, battling pressure, and getting rest. Keep up the beneficial routines after the month closes.

Suppose you recorded “be rich” as a quality you wish for. On the off chance that you, at the end of the day, will experience difficulty getting rich all of a sudden, you might need to loosen up this quality to something like “is monetarily steady.”


As reflected in this article, discovering what you need before engaging in a romantic relationship is not brain surgery. Carry out the necessary steps to determine what you will want in a relationship to prevent regretful mistakes. Cheers!

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