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How to Take Care of Your Under wears


Most of us ladies just take care of our underwears especially our bras and panties like our other clothing. We barely know the difference since they are all clothing we wear. Our underwears is more than just normal clothing, it’s our closest clothing to our skin!
A dictionary define underwear as a “Clothing worn next to the skin under outer clothing

From my research I saw another definition I so much like and would later elaborate on it.

“Underwears are clothing such as vest and pants which you wear next to your skin under your other clothes”

Well since I will be focusing on the two common women Underwears- Bra and Pants.
Personally, I would advise ladies takes special care of panties more. This is because the vagina is more exposed and so it is prone to getting infected easily. Don’t get me wrong it’s also important you take care of your bra.

My skin is overly sensitive and I get reactions most times. So I have learnt to take good care of my underwears from experience. I will be sharing few tips on how to take care of your underwears without stress.

Here is the first thing to do, Washing!

Yeah!, Washing…… I will recommend hand washing all your underwears. Hand washing them will keep them lasting longer and not over washed. Using a mild detergent and room temperature water in washing your panties and bra will help your underwears maintain their their colours and stretchy form.


Hang clothes on a metal hanger

Have you ever thought of the reason why your lingerie barely last a month?. These underwears should be sorted out and washed separately. They aren’t made with same materials so they can not be handled in the same way. But I want to emphasize on this “DO NOT WASH WITH A WASHING MACHINE”. And when washing of course you wash according to their colours, you cannot wash red with white, it is wrong!

Now the next thing is drying, How do you dry?

I remembered a time when I was a teenager. I had worn all my panties and I have to go to school the next day. After doing my homework, I took a bucket and washed my uniforms along with my panties. Of course it was late and dark because it was around midnight so I squeezed out the water and hung them somewhere in the bathroom.

My uniforms had dried but unluckily for me my panties hasn’t, so I wore them like that and when I wasn’t comfortable I tucked tissue papers in to make me feel better. But when I came back it was all red and itchy.

How to get rid of static hair and clothes


This is very important- whenever you want to dry, dry them out in the sun for the water to squeeze out. And then put a very soft fabric like net to reduce the temperature. Or better still dry them under a shade later to keep the colors from fading out. Do not ever wear a wet underwear it is dangerous for your health and do not try wearing a used or dirty panties.

Do not iron your underwears, keep them in a place where air can freely move in them – I can’t advise you keeping them closed in a bag.

I can not cover all in this post so I will continue more on this, please feel free to comment and ask questions, I am always here for you.

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