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Samples of Fried Rice delicacies


Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam has become so popular that it has been adopted by other countries unknowingly. Unlike normal jollof rice, Nigeria has its own version of jollof rice specifically known as a popular method of cooking quick and affordable rice delicacy for personal or family consumption.

Nigerian jollof rice could mean a different thing to some people based on their own understanding but in general understanding, any jollof rice prepared in Nigeria with local ingredients in simple technics of cooking (without frying, roasting, etc.) could be tagged as Nigerian jollof rice.

The most popular version of the Nigerian jollof rice is the one you see in takeaway plates on most occasions and public gatherings. It has a unique aroma, taste, and appearance, it can also appear in different looks based on ingredients used for its preparation as well as the cooking method.

With red oil, onions, pepper, crayfish, curry, theme, and salt. You can prepare a simple jollof rice with or without any additional ingredients such as fish or meat. This type of Nigerian jollof rice is known as Kpako jollof rice. It is very popular with low-income earners or those trying to cook cheap and affordable jollof rice.

Besides the two versions of Nigerian jollof rice mentioned above, other versions depending on the change/addition of ingredients.

The picture below shows a typical Nigerian jollof rice prepared with fresh tomatoes, ground onions, and vegetable oil. The jollof rice is accompanied by fried yam, and stew containing fresh big crayfishes.

Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam
Nigerian jollof rice and fried yam

The above version of jollof rice has a unique look and taste but costlier than most versions of jollof rice in Nigeria.

To prepare this version of Nigerian jollof rice you will need the following:

  1. Raw rice about 6 cups
  2. Fresh tomatoes about thirty pieces
  3. Onions and crayfish in large quantity
  4. Big fresh crayfish in large quantity
  5. Half liter of vegetable oil
  6. A half tuber of Yam
  7. Spices

With the above ingredients, you can come up with good Nigerian jollof rice that could look exactly like the one you are seeing here.

Here are steps you need to follow to achieve that:

  1. With a sizeable pot, boil the six cups of rice to a certain temperature and watch it to remove some preservative chemicals and starchy sections of the rice.
  2. Pour half of the vegetable oil you have into the cooking pot and make a stew with the ground fresh tomatoes.
  3. Add all the necessary ingredients into the stew and allow it to heat and cook very well.
  4. Add extra water to the stew and pour the watched rice into the pot. At this stage, the rice is ready for second cooking. During this period the rice forms Jollof as a result of the stew mixed with the half-cooked rice and the ingredients added to it.
  5. Now that you have got the jollof rice ready, proceed to make the fried yam and stew as illustrated in the picture above.
  6. Using your frying pan, fry the sliced yams using some portion of the vegetable oil and scoop it into a bow.
  7. The next step is to prepare the stew that will bear the big fresh crayfish. To do so, position the pot on the cooker and make a stew with the fresh crayfish.
  8. Now use the stew prepared with the fresh crayfish to mix with the fried yam. This should be mixed up properly.
  9. When serving your jollof rice, scoop the jollof rice into the plate and add some quantity of addition made with fried yam and fresh crayfish.

The video below illustrates the look and cooking preparation of this type of Nigerian jollof rice.

Video of The Nigerian Jollof rice and fried yam Preparation

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