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How To Set Up A Twitter Account

How To Set up A Twitter Account

Twitter is a social media platform people refer to as the “savage” platform. Despite this fact, people still appreciate having this media. Twitter makes everyone laugh. Do you want to set up a twitter account but do not know how? I’ll be explaining the steps elaborately. Follow through.

setting up a twitter account

Steps in setting up an account

Setting up a Twitter account might seem tricky, but it is not. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to set up a professional account.

The first step is to go to their web page and click on sign up. The social network will ask you to fill in some information like your name, email, password, and phone number. Do so accordingly.

Please note that the name you’ll be filling is not necessarily your full name or first name. It could be a nickname.

After you’ve filled requested information, Twitter will send a code to verify if you inputted the correct phone number or email address.

The last stage for this step is to create a long and untrackable password. Use something you can remember but not associated with your name or date of birth or even anything associated with you in general.

In this second step, you have to upload a profile picture, write something interesting on your bio, and follow many people. Before you complete your application process on Twitter, you’d be asked to track a certain number of people. It isn’t an invitation to follow a large crowd of people within an hour. You could get yourself blocked before you complete your registration. Follow ten people. Twitter is a vast network, so it’s not hard to find followers.

If you are opening the account for business purposes, it is advisable to follow people interested in your services. You can search for companies in your field and follow who they follow.

The next stage is choosing a profile picture. It is compulsory and advisable you add a profile picture for your business or personal profile. For business profiles, use your company’s logo as the profile picture. It depicts professionalism and credibility.

The next step is to fill up your Twitter bio. It is imperative. This way, you can tell people more about your business or yourself. It is also advisable to include your website or blog’s URL to get more information by visiting the URL. You also get to increase traffic on your website. So it’s a win-win for you.

The final stage is to link your Twitter account to your company’s mail or your mail.

Terminologies used in twitter

Terminologies used in Twitter

Some terminologies used in Twitter

  1. Tweets: The text you post on Twitter
  2. Retweet: A term used to share tweets and repost.
  3. Hashtag: A word used to represent the symbol #. It’s a way to reach more people.
  4. Followers: People who are following you on Twitter
  5. Verified: To be verified on Twitter, you are popular enough to get the unique blue tick.
  6. Unfollower: People who stop following or being your friend.
  7. Trending topics: These are tweets gaining a lot of engagements and talks from all over the country or the world, in general.


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