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Social Media no doubt has contributed considerably to making the world a global village. However, this brilliant invention, which was meant to be used for communication, knowledge, fun, and information purposes, has its downsides. One of the downsides of social media platforms is that it could be risky for children if they are not properly guided on how to use them.


In line with this reality, this essay is aimed at enlightening parents and guardians on how to protect their children and wards on social media platforms.


Child protection on social media platforms could be achieved through the following ways:

1. Have a discussion about web-based media security.

Speaking with your kid is significant. You need your kid to feel open to conversing with you about web-based media and their encounters on it, alongside feeling like they can come to you in the event that they have an issue.

Open the lines of correspondence so your kid will feel open to coming to you about any issues.

Disclose to your youngster about being protected via online media. Advise them not to give out individual facts, similar to their complete name, the name of their school, their telephone number, or their location. Assist them with understanding the significance of not posting unseemly pictures or updates. Make a point to have a conversation about the threats of digital hunters and why they should never meet individuals they just know online face-to-face.

Additionally learn and clarify what is Outsourcing, Vengeance pornography, and Deepfake. The more you brief, the less you need to confine.

2. Set standards for your kid.

Converse with your kid about what rules you have concerning web-based media. These guidelines can incorporate anything you are worried about. Models include:

Not permitting your kid to post about where they are.

Not permitting your youngster to post any individual facts.

Restricting the sum or sorts of photographs your kid posts.

Setting a measure of time your youngster can spend via online media.

Limiting which online media locales your kid can turn into an individual from.

Sharing their passwords for all social media accounts with you.


3. Talk about the repercussions of online media.

You don’t simply have to stress over bad people discovering your kid. You need to examine with your kid how to protect themselves from themselves. Posting humiliating, sketchy, or unseemly pictures can make likely universities and businesses reject them. Posting announcements that are inconsiderate, hostile, or problematic can likewise cause issues down the road for them later.

Make a point to intimate your kid that once they put something via web-based media, it is out on the planet and hard to eliminate or reclaim.

Talk with your kid straightforwardly about web-based media and energize a confiding climate. Request that your youngster converse with you about their web-based media utilization and anything that makes them awkward. On the off chance that they commit an error, transform it into a demonstration second as opposed to instituting an unforgiving discipline.


Protecting your children from social media does not mean should totally bar them from social media platforms. Rather, it simply signifies that you should guide and regulate how they use social media. Join tomorrow for the sequel to this article. Cheers and bye for now!

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