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Having a shop, mart or any other business facility could be lucrative, however such institutions usually attract the attention of potential robbers. Thus, it becomes important to put in measures that will prevent your business from suffering a loss due to robbery.

Even though there is no 100% guarantee that you can totally keep your business out of the hands of thieves, there are essential precautionary measures that will considerably reduce the likelihood of your business incurring a theft.


I intend to use this medium to dish out some precautionary measures that will substantially reduce the likelihood of theft in your place of business.


The chances of experiencing a robbery in your place of business can be significantly reduced by the following tips.

1. Orchestrate security cameras close to the sales register.

Most thieves will not have any desire to risk getting captured on camera. On the off chance that a criminal decides to focus on your business in any case, a strategically situated security camera gives you a nearby view of the culprit.

Signs like “You’re on camera” or “this structure is under observation” may likewise stop robbers.

Security Camera

2. Keep the counters and windows noticeable.

Try not to hang up such a large number of banners or fliers on the outside windows. Instead of doing that, keep an obvious two-route watch of the business.

Furthermore, clear off any signs, plants, shows, or other mess from the ledges that could impede visibility into the store.

In the event that there’s a ton of visibility inside your business, thieves may not risk entering and being seen by potential observers.

3. Move all cash to a bolted safe.

Try not to leave a great deal of extra money lying around, or use sacks that are obviously set apart as “moneybags.” Instead, move your cash to a bolted safe, so burglars will not have the option to take it.

As an additional precautionary measure, store your cash in the bank, all things considered.

4. Collaborate with another worker in case you’re opening or shutting.

Robbers may stay off on the off chance that they see more than 1 individual at the business without a moment’s delay. In case you’re the administrator or proprietor, consistently appoint in any event 2 individuals to open and close the business consistently.

5. Welcome each individual who enters the business.

Tell every client or visitor that you notice them, and that you understand what they resemble. Direct discussion and eye-to-eye connection may prevent an expected thief from focusing on your business.

6. Call the police in the event that you notice anything dubious.

Continuously tune in to your gut—if something looks dubious, let authorities know so they can check it. It’s smarter to follow up on a bogus hunch than be gotten unsuspecting.

For example, in the event that you see a dubious individual dallying around your shop, report them to the nearby police.


At this point, you must have been fully apprised of how to prevent a robbery in your place of business. Follow the steps above faithfully and your business will never experience a theft, hopefully.

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