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How To Prepare Fresh Corn For Food (corn cooking techniques)


Presently in Nigeria, we have entered the corn season, which is a time characterized by the harvest and sale of fresh corns in either a raw or prepared form.

Obviously, the corn season is the best time to prepare and enjoy a corn meal as the price of corn is generally cheaper in this period and the availability of corn for purchase and consumption is guaranteed.

There are a number of cuisine techniques in which corn can be prepared deliciously for sale or personal consumption.


Accordingly, this article is aimed at intimating the public of the different cooking techniques in which corn could be prepared this corn season.


1. It is a good source of carbohydrate which bestows the body with energy.

2. It is a great source of fibers which aid food digestion process.

3. It contains vitamin B which facilitates overall body function.

4. It is very filling and suitable for consumption by people of most ages.

5. It contains essential fatty acids required for proper body function.


Corn can be prepared as food by the following cooking techniques:

Boiling method

1. Heat a pot of water to the point of boiling to make boiled corn.

2. Simply fill a large pot three-quarters full with water and heat it to the point of boiling over high warmth.

3. Strip as many ears as you desire and drop them into the water.

4. Then, at that point, heat the water back to the point of boiling and turn it off.

5. Set the cover on the pot and leave the corn in the water for five to ten minutes or until the parts are delicate.

You can store the boiled corns in the pot of boiling water until you’re prepared to serve them.

For a unique taste you can add milk to your corn while boiling it. This could be done by adding one cup of milk, one-quarter cup of substantial cream, and one-quarter cup of margarine to the pot with water prior to adding the corn.

Boiling method

Barbecuing method

1. Warm a charcoal or gas barbecue to a high temperature in the event that you need corn with a barbecue flavour.

2. Remove any silk that is standing out of every ear of corn and strip off only one of the external layers of the husk.

3. Then, at that point, remove the base tail of every cob and toss them onto the hot barbecue.

4. Barbecue the corn for about five minutes before you turn them with a couple of utensils.

5. Afterwards, barbecue them for 5 additional minutes so they’re pleasant and scorched.

6. Allow them to sit on a serving plate for a couple of moments before you shed and serve them.

You may have heard that you should let your corn absorb your salty water before you throw them on the barbecue. You don’t need to do this to get incredibly flavorful corn, in spite of the fact that it’s a smart thought in case you’re barbecuing older corn or the husks have begun to dry out.

Barbecued corn with vegetables.

Roasting method

1. Warm your stove to 177 degree Celsius for an excellent cuisine technique.

2. On the off chance that you don’t have a roasting stand or need a simple method to cook heaps of corn, simply warm your oven.

3. Cautiously place however many ears of corn as you like right onto the oven without shedding them first.

4. Cook the corn for thirty minutes and wear broiler gloves when you take them out.

5. You can shed the roasted corn before you serve it or let everybody shed their own.

Roasted corn

Microwave method

1. Put one ear into the microwave for the quickest method to prepare corn.

2. There’s no compelling reason to shed the corn beforehand. Just put it directly in your microwave and cook it on the most noteworthy warmth setting for three to four minutes.

3. Then, at that point, wear a broiler glove to remove the hot corn from the microwave.

4. Cut the base tail off and sneak off the husk before you make the most of your delicate corn.

In the event that you need to microwave two ears of corn, add an additional one to two minutes to the microwaving time.

Microwaved corn with lime slices.

Pressure pot method

1. Prepare up to eight ears of corn in your pressure cooker.

2. For a speedy method to prepare fresh corn, pour one and a half cups of water into a pressure pot and place the rack.

3. Afterwards, place eight ears of corn and put the tail closes on the rack.

4. Then, at that point, close the cooker and secure it. Turn the cooker to high and cook the corn for four minutes. When the steam is expelled, open your cooker and use utensils to get your steamed corn out.

Caution: Continuously be truly careful when your pressure cooker is expelling steam since it’s not difficult to coincidentally get yourself burned.


As read, it is not difficult to prepare a corn meal by yourself. Go ahead and please your taste buds and stomachs by preparing flavorful corn via employing any of the cooking techniques of your choice. Cheers!

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