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Nigeria’s 10 Highest Paying Multilevel Marketing Companies

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Is there any MLM company you know in the country? Or perhaps you are in search of a leading Nigerian MLM to collaborate with?

Here you will see the information you need. It is a very lucrative job in Nigeria to do Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing.

How Does Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing Work?

Multilevel marketing means the process of selling goods and services through recruitment of team members, along with profit from, and on sales and sales commissions.

The sales volume of the customers who work as team members determines how much they are paid, and also how much they get paid for recruiting other team members. The company is at the top of the pyramid, while the team members are at the bottom.

Multi-Level Marketing is regarded as one of the oldest methods of network marketing among business entities around the world. Though it is somewhat misunderstood in Nigeria, where it is often misconstrued as a Ponzi scheme. In any case, Multi-Level Marketing is not a Ponzi scheme by any stretch of the imagination. Essentially, it is a strategy businesses use to sell their products and generate profits through commissions and returns on sales.

Generally, a business thrives on providing products and services to those who are in need of them. Multi-Level marketing is one way some companies accomplish this goal.

Now that you realize multilevel marketing is indeed a legitimate business strategy, you can start realizing its value.

Our article aims to assist you with choosing the right network marketing company in Nigeria. We will tell you how to know which network marketing company in Nigeria is the best before moving on.

Choosing The Right MLM in Nigeria

Currently, Nigerian business models mostly revolve around networking. Companies engage in networking to accomplish a variety of business objectives, including increasing returns and publicity. A legal and successful marketing strategy, ‘MLM’ is one of the most popular strategies in the world.

The objective of a good network marketing company in Nigeria is to make their products known and increase sales. As these companies strive to become multinational, they need partners and collaborators who can help them reach their goals. Their terms and conditions determine what benefits and opportunities they offer.

Be careful, however, to make sure you are dealing with a reputable Nigeria network marketing firm, you must take these simple steps:

  1. Learn about the company’s history, facts, and figures.
  2. Learn more about the company and its terms and conditions
  3. Learn about the registration fee
  4. You may now proceed to register (if probably you are happy with the information you found)

Nigeria’s 10 Highest Paying Multilevel Marketing Companies

If a company has been in business for at least three years, it is often best to partner with them. However, new network marketing companies are becoming more successful in Nigeria.

  1. Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global)

The Philippine company founded in 2005 that provides essential natural products, Lush was able to grow and become a household name these years. Multi-Level marketing giant AIM global ranks among the biggest and most popular companies in the world.

In their view, they focus on emerging markets with great potential but without saturated markets or restrictive business regulations. In consequence, the company has only been able to expand into a few countries, including Nigeria.

There is a stair-step commission plan for their compensation plan, in which you can earn commission in different ways, so they will reward those who work consistently.

  1. Trevor

Trevor is a multilevel marketing company based in the USA founded in 2011 by Holli and Mark Stevens. They have offices in Nigeria and in other African countries, with a global market base expanding.

There are over 170 active ingredients in their energy drink. Moreover, it is also said that this company is one of the most expensive MLMs to work with, with almost double the starting cost of the typical opportunity. Although the higher cost is detrimental to consumers, it benefits the commission and compensation paid.

  1. Forever Living Products (FLP)

One of the most established MLM companies in Nigeria, Forever Living Products was established by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan in 1978, with its headquarters in Arizona, USA.

Their product range includes natural weight loss, nutrition, and skincare products like aloe, which they distribute through more than nine million distributors around the world.

  1. Golden Neolife Diamite (GNLD)

GNLD was established in 1958, with a worldwide footprint based in California, USA, and generating annual revenues of about $200 million.

As a GNLD distributor, you can transfer your distribution services to your child or other younger family member – so you can build a business that will last a lifetime.

  1. Oriflame

Even though its own origins date back to the 1960s, Oriflame has been in the multilevel marketing business for only a few years. Globally, they are a leading supplier of cosmetic products.

  1. Edmark

Founded in 1984, Edmark is one of the more established MLM companies in Nigeria that also has the advantage of being cheaper.

There are nine different ways to get paid with their product line, which is focused on wellness and nutrition.

  1. Tiens

China-based Tiens operates in 190 nations all over the world, including Nigeria. It was founded over 20 years ago.

They also sell a selection of home and pet care items. Their products are mostly health and wellness-related. Their most prolific marketers can earn weekly commissions, and they offer a variety of bonuses.

  1. Kedi

Founded in 2006, Kedi is a Nigerian subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Ltd., a company based in Hong Kong.

Kedi’s membership is about ₦4000 and has no monthly goals after registration, there are no purchase requirements, and there are no purchase requirements or purchase requirements after registration.

They sell products that are naturally based on herbal ingredients that address several ailments.

  1. Longrich

In Nigeria, Longrich is one of the most popular food multi-level marketing companies. A coffee and tea company, a personal care product company, and a baby care product manufacturer, Longrich Network Company Ltd has been around for close to three decades.

According to the company, it focuses on product development rather than recruiting, so it’s unlikely to be called a pyramid scheme.

  1. Green World

One of the cheapest MLM companies to join in Nigeria is the Green world, another Chinese company that specializes in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Those who cannot afford to join one of the larger firms are therefore more inclined to choose this option. Also, your recruited prospects will be more enthused to join as they would not lose a lot of money on this choice.

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