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How To Increase Your Metabolism

Ways to increase your metabolism

Metabolism refers to every chemical reaction in your body’s which makes it function well and keeps you alive. Metabolism can also be referred to as the process of burning calories in your body. The higher your metabolism gets, the more calories you burn. You also get energy from having a high metabolism, and you feel a whole lot better. Here are ways to increase your metabolism:

Eat a lot of protein

One way to increase your metabolism is by eating food. It requires a lot of calories to break down your food, absorb it and digest it. You burn calories just by eating. It takes a whole lot more calories to break down the nutrients in protein. It increases your metabolic rate by 30%. Protein keeps you from overeating. It makes you get full on time. Eating protein a lot also leads to weight loss and muscle loss. 

eat a lot of protein

Eat a lot of protein

Build up your muscle

You burn calories more by doing nothing, just resting. But people with more muscles burn calories faster. A pound of muscle uses six calories each day to keep alive. Build up your strength by going for training and exercise. That slight muscle difference can make you burn a lot of calories.

Eat regularly

Your metabolic rate becomes balanced when you eat regularly. By consuming small portions of food consistently, you reduce the fat storage in your body and burn calories faster. The opposite of this happens when you eat a lot for a while and then starve yourself after. It is recommended that you eat a small portion of food or snacks every 4 hours.

Avoid alcohol

If you’re thinking of having that arousing cocktail before your meal, stop right now. For every drink you take before your meal, you gain 200 calories more. Researchers believe that the body burns the alcohol in the body first, leaving the rest of the food stored as fats in the body. Instead of taking a cocktail, you can drink wine, mainly white wine, containing fewer calories.

Avoid taking alcohol before meals

Sleep well at night

If you’ve not been sleeping well lately, don’t be surprised if you find yourself gaining a few weight. You tend to burn calories slowly when you don’t get sufficient sleep for the recommended 7-9 hours. Lack of sleep can also reduce your body’s ability to use sugar for energy. Rather than exercising more and sleeping less, sleep more and exercise less. It will reduce your metabolism problems.

Drink green tea or coffee

Great tea and coffee contain a lot of caffeine and herbs that help burn out calories. You could find either of them to your taste and make them more. 

Drink a lot of water

Your body needs a lot of water to break down calories. If you are slightly dehydrated, your metabolism can slow down. In one study, adults who drank eight or more glasses of water a day burned more calories than those who drank four—a glass of water or other sugar-free drink before every meal and snack. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables that naturally contain water instead of pretzels or potato chips.

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