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How to write an Acceptance letter

As a professional, you’re bound to have a need to write an acceptance letter in the course of your career or life. Probably, you might have written one before but it never occurred to you that you did.

This post gives guidelines on how to write an acceptance letter 

What is an acceptance letter? 

An acceptance letter is defined as a type of letter that is written to officially acknowledge a successful application. It is a formal letter that helps to confirm an appointment, an invitation, a job offer, admission letter, scholarship, or contract. When you receive an offer, it is advisable to wait for 24 hours before submitting an acceptance letter. Likely acceptance letters include but are not restricted to – college acceptance letters, job acceptance letters, interview acceptance letters, promotion acceptance letters, etc. 

In writing an acceptance letter the tone of your letter should be professional and polite. It is also advisable to sound positive, so the receiver will feel you’re excited about the new adventure. Then state your acceptance in clear words to avoid confusion. 

In this post, I will restrict my focus to job acceptance letters and school acceptance letters as they are the most common. Before the sample letter take note of the following key points while writing a job acceptance letter and school acceptance letter

  1. Keep it concise and polite
  2. Express your gratitude for the new opportunity and indicate your eagerness to take up the new challenge. 
  3. Ensure to enumerate the conditions of the job as stated in your appointment or employment letter to avoid ambiguity. 

Sample Job Acceptance Letter

                                    248 Brookview Drive, 



                                    Oyo State.

                                    Date… … …

Mr. Bannes Johnson

The Human Resources Manager, 

William and Smith Consult, 




Dear Mr. Johnson,


    I am very pleased to accept the position of Digital Marketing Assistant with William and Smith Consult. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to grow in my career. I am positive of contributing greatly to the team and I anticipate meeting everyone at William and Smith Consult. 

As we discussed, my starting annual salary will be {SALARY} and health, life insurance, and car benefits will be provided after 30 days of employment. 

I looked forward to commencing my employment on {Date: Month/Day/Year}. If there is any additional arrangement or document prior to my resumption date. Please don’t hesitate to call me at {Phone number}. 

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity.




Signature (handwritten) 


Nelson Zona 


Sample School Acceptance Letter


                                    248 Heritage Estate, 


                                    Port Harcourt, 

                                    Rivers State.

                                    Date… … …

The Vice-Chancellor,

Federal University of Education Ado-Ekiti, 

Ado Ekiti, 

Ekiti State. 


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to accept your offer to enroll in the undergraduate Chemistry program and attend your university’s next academic session. I look forward to beginning my studies at the Federal University of Education Ado-Ekiti with excitement and great anticipation. In fact, I’m thrilled to write my acceptance letter to your great institution of learning. Your help during the admission process was overwhelming and I very much appreciate your attention and consideration during this period. 

Please find all of the essential documents you requested including my WAEC and NECO certificates and print out of the enrollment form attached to this letter. I will be super excited to provide you with any additional or documentation should you find any lacking or missing. Please don’t hesitate to call me at {Phone number}. 

Again, thank you very much for this opportunity, and cannot wait to begin my studies at your university soonest. 




Signature (handwritten) 


Nelson Zona 


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