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Nike has been known to say, “Just do it.” With this slogan, Nike is telling you not to be afraid of anything but just go ahead and do it.

First, figure out how to write a good slogan before you bring it to life with your business.

Maybe you don’t know what a slogan is, or even why you need one for your business, then read to the end.

What then is a Slogan?

A slogan, or tagline … any of the names you wish to use, understand that they are all the same thing.

A slogan is a key phrase that helps to identify your business in the market by bringing the three important elements, which are; mission, promise, and brand.

However, creating a slogan for your business is not as difficult as you think.

What Makes a Good Slogan?

Your slogan is an important part of your business, see it as the About page on your site, it’s very easy for you to create one for yourself or better still contract people into branding to create one for you.

A good slogan is very simple. And the best slogans always focus on how the product or service will help their target customers get outstanding results.

This means it should center on the people you want to help and what are they will get out of what you’re offering.

Simple Ways to Craft a Slogan

Many people struggle with creating a great slogan for their business. Why? They do it the wrong way by focusing on the features of their product or services and then neglecting the benefits.

Moreover, for you to capture your audience for the first time, you need to combine the three elements; and they are mission, promise, and brand to come up with a great slogan that will capture your target customers at a glance

1. Your Mission

In the copywriting world, there is a saying that says: “Be clear, not clever.”

The truth is that many of us are not good at coming up with amazing phrases. However, when you’re learning how to write a slogan for your product or services, craft it in such a way that it will show the benefits your products will bring.

You have to understand that we are in a fast-paced world, where there’s no time for you to waste.

And you need to know that people who don’t know your business, your products, or even your services and they don’t even care who you are will land on your site. And in a few seconds, they will decide if they will leave or stay.

Remember this be clear, not clever. Craft a slogan with the purpose of your website on your mind. Understand perfectly what you are offering.

2. What Next?

Let’s say that your business is on filmmaking. You produce movies, you sell and rent the different types of film equipment, you need a blog to establish yourself as an authority in the film world.

Your slogan can be something like this: “Filmmaking tips …”

And always know that the average visitor who lands on your website doesn’t know you and doesn’t care to know you. And when your slogan doesn’t make sense, not attractive, nothing to compel him/her to stay.

One easy way for you to overcome this obstacle is by asking yourself this simple question: “What Next?”

The honest answers you’ll get are the benefits and not the features, that a potential customer will get from staying on your website and that’s very important for your business to grow.

Nowadays, people need something valuable. So, adding benefits to your slogan means telling them what they get from you.

3. Add Some Branding

Your mission and benefits are ready, now it’s time for you to add some branding to them.

Making your slogan reflect your business image is what will make you stand out in the market. Bear in mind that your business has a personality, so showing it is what counts. By giving people a little taste of your brand through your slogan.

Let’s assume you’re promoting Fanta as a relaxing drink everyone should take. And you want people to enjoy a more quiet life taking it. Your site colors depict it and even the tone of your blog has to be calm. You’re displaying your brand at work right there.

So, you have to decide on an adjective that best describes your business image, summarizes the benefits, and shows them via your mission.

For example “Soothing tips to relax your life.” What a great slogan, right?

Study other great slogans within your niche, and get inspired on how to write a slogan for your business. And you might end up coming you with a great slogan that truly converts.

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