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Every day hundreds of landing pages are created, but most of them fail to engage or even convert their prospective customers. But following the simple tips in this blog post will guide you into avoiding the mistakes of others.

While surfing the web, you must have visited a business’s landing page that just felt…off for you? This means you’re not alone. Though many business owners or startup founders have this erroneous belief that a landing page’s effectiveness does lie in its visual design. But the truth is that it depends on how good the copy is.

You must understand that the function of a great copy is not only to explain your product or service. But to build a relationship with your prospective customers — a relationship that will make them loyal customers and unpaid marketers of your business. Unless you’re very good at copywriting, you might not know the right words to use on your landing page, which will have the potential of converting a customer.

Let’s consider a few tips to help you create a landing page that will connect with your target audience.

Show Your Ability to Fill a Need

You must understand that customers are willing to pay for those things they need more than what they want. When your business can fill this gap, then it’s now left for your website to prove that you have what it takes to fill that gap. That’s where your web copy comes in by identifying those needs or pain points in your ideal customer’s life. And also explain why and how your business will provide the solution they are looking for. The copy should be able to tell them why they need you. Prompting them to closely relate to your business, and will be the foundation of brand loyalty.

Have the Demographic of Your Customer in Mind

Another powerful secret you must not ignore is language. For instance, a landing page writing for a health website won’t make use of the same language and tone as that of a recipe website. You must be conversant of how your prospective customers talk or even how they wish to be addressed. Your web copy should show them that you’re so familiar with their community by using appropriate language and tone.

Give Value First

The perfect and quickest way to show your expertise and build a relationship with your targeted customers is to provide value first. By offering valuable information for free, you must be able to show them that your business is good at what does.

Don’t Over-explain

Avoid over-explaining your product or even services from the beginning of your copy. Understand that sometimes, that too many words can be confusing and tend to crowd your landing page, making it more difficult for your targeted customers to get the information they need. The function of your landing page to introduce and explain your product or services to your prospective customers.

Include a Call-To-Action

Every effective landing page copy always has a call-to-action and that’s the final stage in the conversion process. The work of any call-to-action is to speak to the audience’s major need and compel them to take immediate action. And that’s what you should aim for with your landing page CTA. For instance, your business offers consulting services to business owners on ways to reduce risks in their business. Your landing page call-to-action can be “reduce your biz-risk journey here” instead of the normal CTA like the “start now button.”

You have to understand that you don’t have to be a seasoned copywriter to write a great landing page copy. What you need to know are your targeted customers’ pain points and demographic needs. With this information, you’ll be able to write a great landing page copy that will build the needed relationship between your business and prospective customers.

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