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Colored teeth Treatment


Have you ever feel uncomfortable to speak in public? Or find it difficult to speak freely with the opposite? All because you are ashamed of your yellowish or brownish teeth. That is exactly how most people with obvious coloured teeth feel.

Teeth whitening is necessary when your teeth colour have changed significantly. Sometimes the cause of yellowish or brown teeth could not be traced especially when it was not observed early. Before embarking on natural teeth whitening, you should take some time to understand the actual cause of the colour interference.

Some drugs intake can impact the teeth colour after a long time of consumption, some can be caused by eating habits such as what we eat, some can be caused by lack of regular hygiene for the teeth and lots more.

The problem most people have when it comes to the whitening of their teeth in Nigeria is to get a safer method that wouldn’t give any side effect after the treatment.

Based on online research I carried out, was able to highlight the list of options before as ways you can possibly treat your colour teeth problem without leaving any side effect thereafter. According to Becky Bell, they are natural teeth whitening methods you should you some trial;


The Use of oil

A popular Indian folk remedy known as Oil Pulling can be used to improve teeth hygiene and eradicate toxins from the body. Some oil such as Coconut oil has been found to be very effective in this regard.

The process involves swishing oil around in your mouth to remove bacterial. However, this medication is not scientifically proven. Though it is not harmful to try it and see the impact it will make in treating coloured teeth.

Colored teeth Treatment

Coloured teeth Treatment


Use of baking soda

Baking soda is a well-known teeth whitening agent. Most of the toothpastes contain baking soda because of their ability to remove colours on the teeth and helps the teeth to remain in their natural white colour. Though specific scientific research proved the use of only baking soda to whiten the teeth, its obvious results have encouraged the toothpaste producers to have it as a part of major ingredients in the making of toothpaste.

You can make a paste of baking soda and water then use it to scrub or brush your teeth regularly, this will make a tangible impact in bringing back the true white colour of your teeth.



Use of hydrogen peroxide

Though there are some concern about the use of hydrogen peroxide alone for your treatment of coloured teeth, its mild and steady use can be safe and effective in removing the yellowish or brownish colour of your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in the making of toothpaste. You can mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide at the ratio of 10:1 and use it to brush your teeth regularly. A previous result in research using this method proved effective.



The Use of Fruits

Certain fruits can act as teeth cleanser even though some fruit could be the cause of the coloured teeth. Strawberries, pineapple, and crunchy raw fruits can act as teeth cleanser when you eat them regularly. Though no scientific evidence supports this claim.

Colored teeth Treatment

Coloured teeth Treatment


The Use Of Early Prevention Methods

Early prevention method against teeth colouring includes the boycotting or reducing the intake of certain foods that stains the teeth some of them are coffee, red wine, soda, and dark berries.

Evidence showed that most of the teeth colour occurred as a result of eating habits. The easiest way to safeguard our teeth colour is to become selective of the food we eat regularly.

Another method of reducing the effects of those teeth-staining drinks such as Zobo, Kunu, and other regular drinks is by using a straw. Straw makes the drink to pass through the throat without having contact with your teeth. It is also an option in safeguarding your teeth against colouring.

Another prevention method is to cut down on sugar consumption. Becky noted in her post that eating a diet that contains high sugar could support the growth of Streptococcus mutans, the main bacteria that create plaque and gingivitis. She equally recommended regular teeth brushing soon after consuming sugary diets.

Another preventive method is to often include calcium in your diet. The deficiency of calcium contributes to the eroding of enamel which usually exposes the dentin underneath, and the dentin is yellowish in colour. Some coloured teeth can be attributed to this factor.

To keep your enamel strong, you need calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, and broccoli, etc.

Colored teeth Treatment

Coloured teeth Treatment


Use the Brushing and Flossing method

Teeth discolouration in old age could be due to plaque buildup. The easiest way of reducing excessive plaque buildup on the enamel is through regular brushing and flossing of the teeth. This practice will also help to eliminate the presence of bacteria in the teeth.

While the toothpaste removes the plaque buildup during brushing, regular flossing of the teeth will help to eliminate the presence of bacteria.

Another pattern is to carry out regular dental cleanings on the teeth, such will keep the teeth clean and retain their original white colour.

Colored teeth Treatment

Coloured teeth Treatment


Activated charcoal

One of the unproven methods of coloured teeth treatment is the use of activated charcoal. This process involves using powdered charcoal to brush the mouth. Some people believe that it helps to pull out toxins from the mouth and eliminates plaque from teeth.


Peels of banana, lemon, or orange

Fruit peels have been recognized by some people as effective teeth whitener. Some believe that rubbing peel of the orange, lemon, or banana n the teeth can help to whiten their teeth. This belief has no scientific back up yet.


Apple cider vinegar

Though some advocate for the use of Apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash. The effectiveness of such an application has not been proven and there is no research that proves such effectiveness. Hence, Becky noted that, on the contrary, it could weaken the enamel and promote tooth decay.


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