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Allowing the wig to dry


Taking care of your wigs helps you to appear fresh with nice wigs almost every time. However, the task of getting the wigs to appear fresh is not an easy one for most ladies. It is not a crime if you don’t know how to wash your wigs because definitely, you are not alone.

Washing wigs can be confusing if you have not done it before, it involves some sets of steps that you need to gradually follow. Not all the ladies know about these steps and even the few that knew about it may be finding it difficult to know the right products that can be applied at every step.

Despite these little challenges, there are ladies who can conveniently wash their human hair wigs perfectly with perfect results afterward. One among them is the popular Mayvenn author who took special time to drop the details of how you can successfully carry out the washing of your human hair wigs without many hurdles.

To get your human hair wigs looking nice and fresh here are the steps you need to follow to wash it:



The starting point is to use a big wide-tooth comb or fingers to remove all the tangles on the wig by moving from the wig bottom towards the roots. Do this as many times as possible until you have removed all the tangles on the wigs.



The next stage is to rinse your wig. To rinse the wig, submerge it fully in lukewarm water. If the wig has long hairs place it beneath a shower and allows the water to run down through it down to the drain for some time. Once you are done with the rinsing bring out the wig and use your hands to remove the soaked water inside the wig and proceed to apply your Shampoo.




Use a clarifying shampoo meant for human hair wigs application for a better outcome after the washing, clarifying shampoo has gentle features that will not cause any damage to your wig. Also, color-treated human hair wigs are usually treated with mild shampoos.

With the help of your palms, gently rub a small quantity of shampoo with your palms and gently apply it on the wigs repeat the process until you have got all the hairs in the wigs touched with the shampoo. When doing this, it is very important not to be scrubbing or rubbing your wig hairs so that it wouldn’t spoil the strands of the wig.



The next thing you need to do is to remove the shampoo. To do that, position the wig on a running shower of cool water. Allow the water to move from the base of the wig down to the bottom of the wig, the process should continue until clean water starts flowing out from the wig bottom.



When you have succeeded in removing the shampoo, you can now blot the wig using a towel. This should be done gently by just placing the towel on the surface of the wig and allowing it to soak out some of the water in the wig, this will make the wig to be damp but not wet afterward.

rinsing or blotting the wig

rinsing or blotting the wig



With the wig in the damp state, you can use a wig-approved hydrating conditioner to gently comb the wig strands from the bottom and keep the conditioner away from the base of the wig. You can use your fingers to do the combing if you don’t have wide-tooth a comb. Based on the instructions on the conditioner label, allow the conditioner to set based on the specified number of minutes on the label.



The moment the hair conditioner is set on the wig, the next thing is to remove it. To do that, run down a shower of cool water on the wig for few minutes allowing the water to flow out of the strands until all the conditioner get out from the wig. Now you can use your tower to rinse by wrapping it on the wig for some time and leave it in its damp state.



The next thing is to dry your wig. This is a very important stage. At this stage some ladies would use a hair blower to dry the wig or start brushing the hair, you shouldn’t do it rather you should place the wig on the wig stand in its damp state and allow it to dry in the air naturally. This helps to prolong the wig lifespan.

Allowing the wig to dry

Allowing the wig to dry



After getting the wig dried in the air naturally, you can now proceed to style the wig to any shape you want using any hair styling methods you know just to get the best look you want. But that must be carried out once the wig is completely dried.

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