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How To Wake Up Feeling Good

Without an iota of doubt for many, sleeping and waking up in the morning comes along it some usual strings of hurdles to overcome. From finding it difficult to having a cozy time deeply snoozing in your dreamland; to finding it hectic pulling yourself out of the bed; and to eventually but only to feel so groggy and not enthusiastic.

Not minding which ever hour your sleep was or how well you think you slept in those hours, you always wake up having this slightly negative feelings or body weakness.

Just you should know, your are not alone in this. Now…put your worries to a limit for you’re just about to know in few ways how you can turn this around.

Rising up on the right side of the bed is as important as nothing other else as this sets you up on a positive tone for the rest of the day.

To do this, we have helped you highlight some steps and activities that can help you henceforth have a happier morning time and a beautiful rest of the day. The steps follow as these:

1. Prepare ahead.

Very important to our great waking up is making preparation before going to bed. That is, doing all necessary things the night before your next morning can make your following morning come effortlessly and go with ease.

Some ways to go about this may include: laying out your clothes, setting up the coffee pot, and some simple things as making sure you know where your car and house key sets are so you’re not scrambling to find them in the next morning. These simple acts impact positively our morning.

In essence, letting simple actions such as these to be within your control can help your day get off to a calmer, less hectic start.

2. Give gratitude

Giving gratitude is said to be one of the most important habits that could be put into practice if you desire to wake up every morning feeling super great.
It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of negative thought and eventually forgetting how you actually got into it.

A perfect way to forestall such occurrence is spending some time in the morning to list out some things you are grateful for. It shifts your whole general mind horizon to a positive terrain and your day becomes so much brighter.

We believe that the most important aspect of waking up happy is going to bed happy, having a healthy bedtime routine filled with sense of gratitude is just one of the few ways this can be done.

For instance, observing this type of routine might include saying a list of gratitude statements to yourself and your partner, refraining from listening to any news or stories at bedtime which could sadden you, keeping technology out of the bedroom, and listening to cool and gentle songs.

These are proven techniques that can actually help you henceforth to improve the level of your good sleep and your waking up general positive outlook in the morning because, as a necessity, when sleep is calm and peaceful, you are bound to naturally wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the new day.

3. Uplift yourself with great alarm tune.

We shouldn’t be telling you this, but setting your alarm to an uplifting tune is a great way to get your self braced up for the day in the morning.

Consider changing your ringing tone or the alarm sound to a very vivacious one. Don’t use the crazy buzzing noise that could destabilize your system. Instead, put something nice and melodic that begins soft and gets increasingly louder as it plays on.
This won’t destabilize you or tap you noisily awake.

You are more likely to enjoy waking up to a lovely pampering sound than you are to something rupturing, like a regular alarm noise.

It’s important to note that one of the best things you can do to ensure a true happy morning as far as alarm is concerned is to set an alarm clock rather than the alarm on your smartphone.

When you wake up to your phone alarm your are likely to check other notifications on your phone. At this point, you could subject yourself to the outside world: letting emails, text messages, social media notifications, and news alerts rule your waking-up moments. If this happened, you’ve let many demands won your attention even before your feet hit the ground for the day ahead. To avoid this, use a screen-free alarm clock to prevent the stealing of your attention and focus for the day.

4. Prepare a delicious breakfast

This in an extension from the above. Instead of wasting your morning checking your Facebook feed, social media stories, walk yourself to the kitchen and prepare something delicious, nutritious a breakfast to spice up your morning.
Will anyone eat chicken pie? Pancake?. Now, this is far better than catching up with the sad realities on the media.

5. Say some prayers.

You may not find this necessary, especially if you are of the atheist persuasion, but this have a way in turning your general morning mood into something positive.
Just like the Jews, you can sometimes say some prayers to God thanking him for bringing back your soul to live for the next day after the night time.
In essence, find, experiment, or create your own variant of set of prayer mantras that speak to you, and try saying it in the morning when you wake up.

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