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According to a recent study, more than two billion people are on WhatsApp, making it the biggest chat and instant messaging app in the world.

WhatsApp is a helpful tool when it comes to business but some of the features makes it a little enjoyable for its users.

The newly-introduced feature ‘delete for everyone’ enables a sender to delete a chat on both ends; making it impossible for the receiver to see the chat once deleted.

This has raised concern for many users, who want to see the deleted messages but are not able to see them.

Simple Way To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

To be able to view deleted WhatsApp message, ensure that you meet the following conditions:

a. Your phone must be an Android Phone with at least version 4.40

b. There’s an internet connection

c. Your phone memory is not cleared with any cleanup app or antivirus in the last few hours.

Once you meet the above conditions. Then, follow the steps below to see how you can view deleted WhatsApp messages:

1. First, scroll to your PlayStore and on the search bar input ‘Notification History‘ and download the app.

2. Once you download the app, open it and allow the app to gain access to your notifications on different apps, this includes WhatsApp. You have to allow the app to have access as an administrator to your apps.

3. The moment the app is installed, it records all the notifications to comes in. 4.• Once you notice a sender deleted a WhatsApp message, open the app and click on WhatsApp to see all Notifications.

4. With the app, you’ll be able to see all messages received on WhatsApp for the past few hours.

Note The Following

• You must know that this app can only store notifications for few hours. Meaning after that you can not retrieve the message again.

• Understand that you can only retrieve messages that came with notifications. This means that you won’t be able to retrieve messages that came in an open chat with this method.

• Notification with more than 100 characters cannot be retrieved with this method. This means that this method has a limit to it and also, videos and images cannot be retrieved using this method as well.


It’s always painful to see a message sent by someone deleted by the same people even before you could read it. So, using the app discussed in this article, you will be able to view the deleted message and know what the person sent.

I know you’re wondering if this could work on iPhones, well, unfortunately, there’s no version of the app on the apple store making it impossible for IOS users to retrieved deleted messages on WhatsApp with this method.

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