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WhatsApp is a mobile app designed and programmed for chatting for its users. But it can be used on Computer systems (“Windows and Mac”). We will discuss the various methods of using WhatsApp on your PC.

1. The First Method Is To Use “WhatsApp Web.”

This method is possible if there’s WhatsApp on your phone. But make sure that your WhatsApp is active and your phone is close to your PC and then follow these steps:

1. On your computer, go to “”

2. On the website, there’s a “QR Code with instructions” for you to scan with your phone.

3. Access your phone WhatsApp and click on the “3-dots Menu – WhatsApp Web.” And open the “WhatsApp Web” on your phone.

If you’re using iPhone, click on “Setting – WhatsApp Web/Desktop” and open “WhatsApp Web” on your iPhone.

4. Click on “OK” on the screen that will appear. Use your phone camera to scan the “QR Code” displayed on your PC.

5. Immediately you scan the “QR Code” with your smartphone, you will see all the messages on your WhatsApp appear on your PC.

Everything will be displayed on your PC allowing you to use WhatsApp with your PC and do the things you normally do with your phone.


2. The Second Method Is To Use WhatsApp on PC with BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an emulator that creates the needed mobile environment on your computer, making it easy for you to install Mobile Apps such as WhatsApp on your computer.

To be able to use WhatsApp on your PC download Blue Stack, which is available on Mac and Windows computers. With this, it’s possible to use WhatsApp on your PC just like you use it on your phone.

1. On your computer, go to “ and download BlueStacks Installer on your PC.”

2. By double-clicking on the “BlueStacks Installer File” you will open the file. If you’re using Mac, move the file which you download to “Applications Folder.”

3. Click on “Install Now” and you will see the instructions to install the “BlueStacks Application” completely on your computer.

4. Once the BlueStacks is installed, on its search bar, type in WhatsApp.

5. Click on WhatsApp to install it on your PC from the BlueStacks.

6. Once you install WhatsApp, open it by clicking on the WhatsApp icon on your PC.

7. WhatsApp will open, type in your number and then click Next.

8. WhatsApp will forward a “Verification Code” to you and if it fails. Click on “Call Me Option” for them to call you.

9. Plug in the “Verification Code” and click enter.

10. Your number will be verified and your New “WhatsApp Account” will go live on your computer.

Finally, WhatsApp will start to work on your computer in a mobile environment created by BlueStacks, allowing you to enjoy WhatsApp on your PC.

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