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How to use instagram to find new clients
Instagram is a powerful tool in the world of small businesses. Not only can you be able to promote your brand and push out content, but you can use it to find new clients. Instagram is one of the top ways you gain new clients! Your ideal clients hang out there, so having a few strategies to make sure you’re able to show up on the platform and reach your potential clients.

Have a Curated Feed

Instagram is a visual platform, so plan out your photos to make sure your feed has a cohesive aesthetic. Since your ideal client is in the creative industry, they appreciate the extra attention you put into your content. Invest in brand photography because it will help you keep your feed looking sharp while also allowing you to batch plan your pictures so that you’re constantly having new photos taken.
As you create your Instagram content, have your ideal client in mind. Always think of their taste and their interests when you create your visual brand. You mustn’t have a perfect feed, but have a consistent look will show the care and attention you’re putting into your business. Plan your content and preview what your upcoming grid will look like!
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Connect With Your Ideal Clients

Who comes to your mind when thinking of your ideal client? Create out time to look at their profile and see who interacts with their content. You should do a mini deep dive to know if they are a good fit for your client roster.
Start following them and engage with their content. Like their posts, respond to stories, and comment on pictures are great places you can start from. The more you interact with their content it will help build relationships with them. By doing this, you become a top-of-mind option for whatever service you will be offering.

Be Active on Instagram Stories

One of the top ways to get engagement and messages on Instagram from your ideal clients is via IG stories. Instagram stories are a perfect way to share exciting things in your week and the fun behind-the-scenes content. Also, they involve little less planning than Instagram posts, but it will pay off if you’re strategic in how you use Instagram stories.
Make a point by being a resource to your ideal clients. Share content regularly and use Instagram to give usable tips and tricks about things.
Being able to use these Instagram strategies will be a game-changer when it comes to finding your ideal clients. Understand that in the world of Instagram, there are lots and lots of voices trying to get the attention of your ideal client, so make sure you’re a valuable voice.

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