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How to use hashtags on LinkedIn

 The platform LinkedIn started in 2003, and the use of clickable hashtags was not allowed until 2016. Now, as a LinkedIn user, you can sit in front of your computer to add hashtags to your new content and this can also be done with your smartphone.

Other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have encouraged the use of hashtags as a way for their users to connect with their communities. These platforms even offer analytics, thus allowing content creators and influencers to know their impact.

Let’s consider the basics of using hashtags on LinkedIn and how to find the top trending ones in your niche.

Do Hashtags Work on LinkedIn?

The answer is a big YES, hashtags works on LinkedIn. Adding them to your status update, your content, and your business page will help reach an audience beyond your network. Browsing through hashtag feeds will help you see what conversations are happening surrounding any topic.

Using Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Status Update

There are a few ways you can add hashtags to your status update.

• Just typing the pound sign followed by the word. As you are typing out your hashtag, LinkedIn will immediately auto-generate hashtag suggestions based on things trending and popular.

• Click on the “Add Hashtag” button on the bottom left of the box and select one of the related hashtags next to the “Add Hashtag” button.

Pro-tip: Avoid adding spaces or symbols in your hashtags, they won’t clickable again.

Using Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Article

Currently, LinkedIn users cannot add clickable hashtags in the body of their articles published on the platform. However, you can make it very easy for your articles to be discovered by simply adding hashtags to the description box.

Using Hashtags on Your Business Page

You created a business page on LinkedIn, you can easily associate it with relevant hashtags. Doing this will put you right in the middle of conversations surrounding those hashtags and allow you to connect with relevant audiences as well. Here are the steps you can add them:

• Start from your business page’s homepage.

• Click on the “Add” button on the bottom right under the “Hashtags.” A page will pop open up. It’s a page where users are allowed to add three hashtags related to their business page.

• Click “Add a hashtag” and then select up to three hashtags that are related to your line of business.

Let’s just say you only have 200 connections on LinkedIn. And you happen to publish an article on SEO and didn’t use any hashtags. For the article to make any substantial impact, you need enough post-engagement from second-and third-degree connections.
But if you use hashtags, you will be able to maximize the reach potential of your post. If the SEO hashtag happens to have 100,000K followers and you use it effectively, your post engagement will easily triple what it was without any hashtag.

That being said, keep these few things in mind when using hashtags:

• Don’t make the mistake of going overboard, just stick to three hashtags. It’s enough to target the main keywords without even looking spammy.

• Hashtags can’t be used in place of copy, this means they don’t provide any context, their future is to improve your discoverability.

Once you become more comfortable with the use of hashtags, start to identify the ones performing the best. You may be able to find that some lead to more engagement rates than others. If so, then those are worth reusing again.

Finding Top LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedIn recommends three types of hashtags to its users based on their network and their industry:

1. Recommended

2. Popular

3. Trending

The first and best place to look when you consider which hashtags to use in your posts is the ‘Discover More’ page.
To be able to access this very page, then follow these steps:

• Find the “Discover More” button by clicking on it.

On the mobile app, this appears when you click on your profile picture on the top left corner of the LinkedIn page. On desktop view, it will appear at the bottom of the left sidebar.

• On this very page, you’ll see trending pages, recommended connections and pages, and hashtags toward the bottom of the page.

For instance, as a marketer, LinkedIn will recommend different marketing-related hashtags, like #digitalmarketing, #seo, and #contentwriter.

How to Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn

Following hashtags allows you to see what other content creators are posting, how users are responding to them. This will allow you ideas for future posts.

• Go over to the search bar and type the hashtag you want to follow.

• Select an option from the dropdown menu by clicking on it. This will take you to the hashtag’s feed where you will see all content published with the hashtag.

Now, you’re following the hashtag, you will be able to see it on the left sidebar under “Followed Hashtags” when navigating on your computer. On the LinkedIn mobile app, you will access the hashtags you follow by clicking on your profile picture on the top left of the window and scroll down to the “Followed Hashtags” dropdown menu.

Understand that hashtags are integral to the success of your content. By depending on LinkedIn’s hashtag recommendations and your analytics, you will ensure your posts can reach the right audience.

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