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How to Use Green Tea and Guava leaves for flat tummy


When it comes to natural ways of getting flat tummy you have many options to choose from provided you read and understand the necessarily steps to follow. Trimming your tummy can be very tasking and stressful if you already have big stomach. Some experts will advise regular exercise as the remedy while some will advice for the use of herbs.

The approach in getting flat tummy will be determined by the level of compression the stomach needs. A big stomach that needs to become a flat tummy may be subjected to two or three options such as exercise, use of guava leaves, and the use of green tea.

Let us discuss the impact of these types of treatment for big stomach.

Regular Exercise

During regular exercise every morning targeted at strengthening the stomach walls will help to press the intestines inside and arrange the stomach properly making it possible to build up flat tummy. However, the length of time it will take depends on the size of the stomach and how well and consistent the exercise was carried out. Press up, Yoga, and lots more are normal exercise that can enhance rapid healing of big stomach to flat tummy.

Guava Leaves

Guava leaves Courtesy:

Guava leaves                      Courtesy:

The use of guava leave for flat tummy has become a norm especially the fresh leaves from guava trees. Many uses it as additional treatment to other treatment while some with little stomach that needs fat tummy usually go with the option of using guava leaves only. It is effective, efficient, and less stressful to carryout. Though no side effect has been reported so far, experts believe that over consumption of guava leaves herbs could cause constipation. Guava leaves contain high volume of antioxidants that helps to burndown fats, strengthen tissues, and aid the stomach to become flat. Boiling fresh guava leaves in a water and drinking the water is a normal approach to get flat tummy naturally with herb if your stomach size is not big yet.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a popular tea made directly from plant leaves and known to be very active in burning fats and trimming down stomach size. A cup of green tea every early morning taken with warm water gives great result in weight loss. However, green tea is not cheap and may not be affordable by everyone.  There are vita natural healing and weight loss substances used in the making of green tea. But using only the green tea to solve your big stomach problem may depend on the size of the stomach for effective result. If it is a little stomach that needs to be reduced to flat tummy, then using only green tea may guide good result.

Despite these three different options being active in their separate ways, experts have found out that combining two or more options will be more effective for big stomach that needs flattening. In this regard, a combination of green tea and guava leaves seems to go very well for such case.

To use guava leaves with green tea, here are procedures of doing it:

Add green tea to guava leaves at the ratio of 1:2 and boil the two together with 500ml of clean water or more depending volume of the green tea and guava leaves.

This mixture means, for every one tablespoon of green tea you must add two tablespoon of guava leave powder. That is if you are dealing with the grounded leaves, otherwise, you need to go by the measurement.

Place the combination inside a pot with clean water and boil for at least 15minutes. Allow it to cool and filter out the water and keep inside a bottle or gallon.

Take a glass of its morning and evening. You can repeat the process severally until you start seeing results.


Since you are looking for ways to get flat tummy, it is important to know various ways of maintaining it. I mean you need to understand some habits that could be affecting your flat tummy negatively. Here are some of them;

Eating late in the Night

Eating heavy food before going to sleep

Eating at mid-night

Lack of physical exercise

Eating starchy foods

If you can avoid all these habits listed above, your flat tummy will definitely occur within a short time.



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