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How To Understand the Secret Of Family Happiness (Part Two)

As parents, the well being as well as the development of our children is paramount and if we want to one day sit down proud, rocking on a wooden chair in peace we should provide the necessary environment for them to thrive. This is a continuation of how to understand the secret of family happiness. Click here to read the first part.

It is saddening that many families nowadays fail in their duties. Fathers don’t stay at home while mothers struggle against very high odds to train their kids. As a growing kid, there is a need for both parents to be around since mothers cannot do what fathers can and vise versa.

Some others are deficient because of the loss of a parent. What can a kid do when he or she losses his or her parent? True many successful people are a product of a broken or bad marriage but they had to struggle through unimaginable circumstances which could have broken or render the normal person useless.

In all, the good news is happy families exists. Like every good thing, it takes some conscious efforts to achieve. But you need to put in these efforts, the reward of a happy family is far more than the pains.

6. Trust Worthiness

A family based on trust is a strong, healthy and happy family. If you trust your spouse you won’t have any iota of suspicion which can lead to worry or restlessness. When the children can trust Dad or Mom to keep their promises, word or secrets, they draw closer to them.

Trust takes time to build but once fully achieved, it is a bedrock of joy, growth and development. You don’t have to assure your kids, they trust you to do what you say, Dad doesn’t lie or deceive, they know they will get what you say you will give them.

A wife which trusts her husband will stick to his principles and decisions every time. A husband which trust her wife will know whatever she does is for the greater good of the family.

7. Principles And Values

When there are no rules they are no crimes. But then there is no order and when order is missing, what results is chaos. A chaotic family is an unhappy family. When there aren’t clear cut rules to be followed by your spouse and children, it is very easy to do things that you consider erroneous, and the fact is, it wouldn’t be erroneous to them.

How to understand the secret of family happiness

Define the rules to everyone, define it clearly. State the rule and its consequences if broken. And when it’s broken, you should not be swayed by weakness to pamper them. As much as you love your your family remember with love comes disciple. Discipline your children especially when they are very young. Grind the rules in their mind until it makes a permanent print.

Also define the values you want your family to follow. And you are the first reference of these values. You can’t just be a dictator, dishing out rules and not following them. Children are master copiers, they will copy your every move. If you want them to be honest, be honest, if you want them to have a forgiving spirit, forgive everyone that wrongs you. You are on the path of happiness

8. Forgiveness

It is practically impossible for two people not to go against each other in disagreement. Despite that you’re all of the same family, everyone has it’s own temperament and idiosyncrasies. The best thing to do if interests clash in a family setting is to apologize and forgive. Teach your spouse and children to say sorry when ever they wrong you or their siblings. The sentence “I’m sorry” costs nothing, but goes a long way in mending many a wrong.

9. Eating Together

Long gone is the ancient habit of families eating together. When you eat together as a family, you share a bond that is stronger than cords. Forsake the television, eat together on the dining table not the sitting room. Let no one eat before everyone is back. Interact at the table. Those time you will cherish till the end of your days.

10. Praying Together

Ever heard the saying “A family that prays together, stays together” This is totally true. Are you Catholic or Protestant or even a Buddhist, make sure your family prays together frequently, you will be shocked at the results of this

Now You Know

Hey, you read to the end! That means you must be interested in how to build a happy family. Now that you know how to understand the secret of family happiness. Take the initiative today, it’s never to late, now is the time to start, you own your family, it’s time you fixed it.




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