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how to transfer airtime across Glo networks

This post will touch on the following topics:

  • Brief information about Glo Network
  • How Glo Network Works
  • Glo Airtime Packages
  • How to Change Your Transfer Pins
  • How to Transfer Your Glo Airtime


Brief Information About Glo Network

Honestly, using the Glo network can be very fantastic not just because it is among the giant telecommunication networks in Nigeria but because of its enormous packages provided just to make its subscribers access the services easily. GlobalCom a.k.a Glo has become a big name in the Nigerian telecommunication industries since its establishment in 2003.

If you are a Glo subscriber reading this post then you must be lucky because this post will say a lot about Glo services especially the service that can allow you to transfer your Glo Airtime to other Glo numbers. I wouldn’t be saying just the transfer method but the easiest one available in the Glo network.


How Glo network works

Glo network operates like other giant telecommunication networks in the country such as Airtel and MTN. It provides both 3G and 4G networks across Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, and Ghana with millions of subscribers in the network and still expanding.

Glo however operates with a unique policy that does not allow their SIM Card to be inactive for more than 90 days. This means that you should not keep your Glo SIM Card inactive for over 3 months. When I mean inactive, I mean taking it out of the phone thereby making the Glo number to become unavailable.

The ugly issue about this Glo policy is that you need to visit any of their offices to re-activate the Glo SIM Card before you can use it again. Please note that while going to the Glo office you may be required to present your National ID Card or Voter’s Card, or driver’s license, or any public document that authenticates your ownership of the Glo SIM Card. If everything goes well, Glo will re-activate the SIM Card for you otherwise you will not be able to make calls with the SIM card, access the internet, and many other services will not be possible with the SIM Card.

how to transfer airtime across Glo networks

how to transfer airtime across Glo networks


Glo Airtime Packages

When Glo was launched in 2003, selling of recharge was on paper with recharge pins sealed to avoid exposure to anyone except the buyer. Then buying of recharge has to be from the dealers only selling on streets and markets, etc.

Modernization and introduction of mobile banking USSD code, Banking Apps, and others now make it easy to recharge your Glo SIM Card directly from your bank account. This simply means ‘no buying of recharge card in streets’ yes! All you need to do is to dial the USSD code for your bank, register with your ATM Card, and activate your bank USSD services. This will enable you to recharge airtime of any SIM Card of your choice including Glo by simply dialing the appropriate bank USSD or launching your banking app or using internet banking services, these options have made airtime recharging very easy.

Glo Airtime Packages are N100, N200, N500, N1000, for the hard copy recharge cards selling on streets while the online recharge can be any amount either in the above category or outside the category.


How to Change Your Transfer Pins

Though Glo will allow you to easily send airtime to a loved one by simply dialing a code, before then, you need to change the default pin for the security of the airtime in the Glo SIM Card.

Originally, to transfer Airtime in the Glo network your default pin is 00000 and you need to change this default pin to your own secret 5 number pins so that no one can transfer airtime in your Glo line to another Glo line without your permission.

how to transfer airtime in Glo networks

how to transfer airtime in Glo networks

Here is the procedure for changing the default pin;

Type the following code and send it *132*00000*Your new Pins* your new Pins# and send it with the ‘Call’ or ‘Send’ button. For example, you want to use your own new pins as 98765, the code you need to dial will look like this; *132*00000*98765*98765#

The moment you sent the code your new transfer code will become 98765, don’t forget I just used the number as an example.


How to Transfer Your Glo Airtime

Having shown you how you can change your transfer code, it is time to go ahead with the main point which is how you can easily transfer Airtime from Glo line to another Glo line. Just dial *132*RECEIVER NUMBER * AMOUNT * YOUR TRANSFER PINS# assuming you are sending N300 to 080512345678 using the 98765 as your transfer pins, for example, the code will look like this: *131*080512345678*300*98765#.

how to transfer airtime in Glo network

how to transfer airtime in Glo network

The moment you dial the code N300 will be deducted from your airtime balance and be credited to the number 080512345678 within few seconds.

This latest method is quite different from the previous method of airtime transfer known as Glo Me2U service that still allows you to transfer airtime to anyone within the network. However, a lot has changed is the service which means the current method is to simply dial the transfer code and send it.

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