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How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel

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how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service using smartphone


Transferring airtime from one SIM Card to another should not be a problem to the website users but this is not the case for our elderly parents and young ones who are new to the modern use of mobile phones and its telecommunication service.

Assuming you are just buying an Airtel SIM Card and intend to use it for the first time, the possibility of not knowing how to check your airtime is very common. When I say ‘Airtel’ I mean the credit available in the SIM Card. This challenge does not make you a novice in the use of mobile phones, it is a similar challenge to anyone subscribing to any telecommunication service for the first time.

As the second-largest telecommunication network after Mtn in Nigeria. Airtel has over a 50million subscribers in Nigeria making the network the second largest after Mtn. besides that, Airtel has had a long time existence history in Nigeria with a name change from Econet to Vmobile, Celtel, Zain, and now Airtel. The last had lasted longer than its predecessors meaning the group ‘Airtel’ hat acquired the company has adopted a new method to enable them to stay among the top in the highly-competitive Nigerian telecommunication market.

In terms of network coverage, Airtel seems to reach far wider than many would think. Airtel networks can be seen in remote villages, forests, and many interior areas that other telecommunication network services cannot be found.  Even in cities where other giant companies’ network can be seen, the Airtel network still covers the cities as well. These records show that Airtel has what it takes to satisfy its subscribers.

To make a unique difference, Airtel created a special package known as Me2U service.


Airtel Me2U service is a unique way of making allowing Airtel subscribers to make a quick and fast credit transfer from one subscriber to another. This service is meant to create a way of sharing data among Airtel users. It allows two or more users of the network to buy and share Airtel without any charge. In other words, it is one of the services provided by Airtel to satisfy its customers and attract new customers who may need credits from friends willing to share with them.

how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service

how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service


Me2U service is only available for Airtel to Airtel subscribers.

Me2U service is not free of charge. It costs N10 per credit transfer to any Airtel number.

You must register your SIM Card before your Me2U service could work.

Assuming your SIM Card is already registered, you must register your Airtel SIM Card to the Me2U service.

You must not transfer less than N50 in the Airtel Me2U service.

Me2U credit transfer does not take up to one minute to execute.

The credit received via Me2U cannot be sent to another Airtel number or returned to the Airtel number that sends it.


To register your Me2U service using your Airtel SIM Card, here are things you must do:

By default, every Airtel SIM Card can carry out credit transfer using the Me2U service, however, based on security reason Airtel always recommend that subscribers change their PIN for the Me2U service.

By default, your Me2U PIN is ‘1234’ you will be required to change this PIN for your Me2U service to be activated. The reason is to avoid someone using your phone to transfer credit to his/her Airtel SIM Card.

Note that the new PIN you will be changing will be four digits number that you can remember off-head just like your ATM Debit Card PIN password.

To change the default PIN for the Me2U service, open the message folder on your phone. Create a new text message by writing ‘PIN 1234 ….. ’ In the space ‘…..’ put your new PIN in the text message. Assuming your secret or new PIN is 3099, the message will become “PIN 1234 3099” then forward the message to 432. Once this is done correctly, you get an SMS that will inform you that your new Me2U PIN is 3099. At this stage, you can send credit to any Airtel number you want within a minute.


how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service using smartphone

how to transfer credit with AIRTEL Me2U Service using a smartphone

Once you have changed your PIN, it is very easy and fast to send credit to another Airtel number. To carry out such,  here are things you need to do:

Open your message folder on your phone. Write a new message using this text arrangement “2U [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN”. In other words, assuming you are sending the credit to an Airtel number 08081234567, the amount of credit is N80 and your PIN is 3099 as we changed in the above paragraph, the text message will look like this: 2U 08081234567 N80 3099. Forward this text message to 432 and you will receive an instant reply from Airtel network telling you that you have transferred the sum of N80 to 08081234567 and your credit balance is N..0.0. With this, you have successfully carried out a mobile credit transfer from one Airtel SIM Card to another Airtel SIM Card. Note that your recipient will still receive a text message informing the recipient of the transfer, the amount, and the number that transferred it.

In case, you encountered any difficulty never hesitate to comment.

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