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Kobin Rules On How To Succeed In Business

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No matter who we are and what we do, we want to succeed. We invest our time, money and emotions into a project and we surely want to see our investment return. Just like a farmer who cultivates his fields expecting a bountiful harvest. Just how do you succeed in business!

This post will be focused on one fundamental principle that can make your business grow. It is the bed rock on which every business sit. It is the driving and controlling mechanism by which success operates. Many know this one thing and like magic their lives and business change.

It is what I call I.C

I. C? Integrated circuit?

Don’t worry your mind too long, Obviously I. C doesn’t stand for integrated circuit. It is what I coined from two powerful attributes that contribute to success.

Intensity And Constancy

How can you generate these. How do they work, how can you implement it in your work to foster success? All of these questions will be answered shortly.

Intensity, What Is It?

To define intensity is to define a way of life that is striving for success. But then all of us wants to succeed and thus we need to understand the very meaning of what this is. Let consider what defined

Intensity is the quality of something being felt strongly or having a very
strong effect

They also say

Intensity is the quality of being very
serious and having strong
emotions or opinions

Examining what we have, we can jump to the conclusion that to have intensity, one has to strongly believe in himself and seriously believe in whatever he is doing. You have put aside all doubts and hold on to the highest degree of focus and concentration so as to make your business work.

You will have to see the big picture of growth and wealth even when your audience is low and cheers and applause are inaudible. Have a strong heart and run roughshod over every obstacle that seem to prevent you from getting your work done.

Henry Ford, the automobile tycoon had a saying that I so much loved. He said

“Obstacles are what you see when you get your eyes off your goals”

It can never be more true. To build intensity you have to believe you are doing the right thing and going the right road in the right direction. How do you know all of these things, you have to sit down and decide who you are and make careful plans that will spur you in the right direction of success.

If nothing succeeds like success, then intensity is the muster seed from which succeed grows. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

Constancy, The Other Piece Of The Puzzle

Like intensity, constancy is also key in achieving your dreams. Even more important than intensity is the ability to persevere until that tiny dream you have in your heart manifests into something great.

Albert Einstein said “Genius is everlasting patience”. When Einstein is talking, he knows what he is saying. Who are we to argue with the physics maestro?

To have constancy is to do what you do, the way you do it, every time, everyday, even when you like it or not, even when you are not in the mood or just not feeling it. As a successful person, you don’t have the pleasure of doing things when you feel like it. Things that must be done, must be done, no matter what.

The difference between a professional writer and an amateur is, an amateur writes when he feels like it, a professional writes anyway.

Oscar Wilde

No excuses should be big to deter it, no complaint or ruse should stop it.

Anything you constantly do will work. If you constantly write a book, everyday adding some chapters to it, one day it will be done. If you constantly learn to play the piano, one day you play beautifully, if you learn to play chess constantly, one day you will be a grand Master. It’s just how it works, there is no magic in this thing!

I don’t fear a man who knows a thousand moves, but i fear one who have practise one move a thousand times

Bruce Lee

All those successful people you see in the television are not just nine day wonders, they have paid their dues behind the scenes, slaving, working and putting intensity and constancy into play. Most times often than others, the most successful person in a particular field of life are the best workers.

Do you know that Christiano Ronaldo trains harder and longer than any other football player? Michael Jordan misses more jump shot in training than any other player? Michael Jackson could dance for very long hours? And The Beatles in their early days had to play fifteen hours for free! Do you think it is coincidence that they ruled their crafts? Of course not.

What Should You Do?

That is a good question, now you have known the secret of intensity and constancy use them to achieve your goals. Weave them together and make work for you. I am very glad to tell you if you like what you do, it will be very easy to achieve this. Put off the side talk and ignore the side gossip. Stop celebrity paparazzi and focus on your own life, you owe yourself that much. You are champion, rise and put your back into it.

Now You Know

Intensity and Constancy works and if you want something from life you can’t but use them to clear your path to success.

If you liked this post, share it, don’t enjoy it all alone, send me your comments, love to hear from you.

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