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GOtv Subscription Plans


If you reading this post because you are in need of how to subscribe to GoTV using a Mobile Phone then you are in the right place.

There are many options when it comes to GoTV subscription especially if you are a mobile phone user. The official website of GoTV is the first place to get first-hand information regarding its subscription and supported platforms.

However, many platforms are coming up with online services aimed at helping internet users to pay utility bills and that includes a GoTV subscription. Such platforms made it easy for anyone with a smartphone that has internet access to pay for a GoTV subscription.

Besides the payment online, there are other means of payments for GoTV using mobile phones. This method will only require you to dial specific USSD codes to make your subscription.

Basically, we can say that two options exist when it comes to GoTV subscription for mobile phone users. You can pay online or through a USSD code.


Making GoTV Subscription Online with a Mobile Phone

You can make GoTV online subscription by visiting any of the following websites:

Use your mobile browser to visit any of the websites. On the website, page inserts your debit card details and your decoder number and other necessary information. On you submit, the subscription amount will be deducted from your bank account and your subscription will become active on GoTV confirms your payment using the details you provided.

Besides the above online method, you can still use Stanbic Ibtc bank mobile website at all you need is to visit the website with your mobile phone that has access to the internet. When the page loads, select the “Mobile Money” option and enter your number.

Go to the registration page and put all the required details about you and the GoTV decoder. Once you register, you will be shown a Stanbic Mobile GoTV page. On the page, insert your payment option and details and pay for the subscription as you wanted.

GOtv pack

GOtv pack


Subscribing For GoTV Offline with a Mobile Phone

As I mentioned earlier, there are two options available for you when it comes to GoTV subscription using a mobile phone. The first option is internet-based and it has been discussed.

The second option is for those using mobile phones that cannot access the internet or don’t have a data connection for internet access.

You can subscribe to GoTV using a mobile phone by dialling this eTransact code: *389*9*smartcardnumber# you will need to follow the prompts that comes up after the code has been sent. Afterwards, your GoTV will be subscribed.

Another option available for offline payment of GoTV Subscription is using the Stanbic Mobile USSD code which is 909. You have to register for this service before the code can work with your phone. If you want to register it, just send *909# using the Call button.

From the voice command options that you heard, click the “4” and select “Register” and insert all the necessary information required on the subsequent registration process. Afterwards, your mobile phone will become ready and active to subscribe to GoTV using the Stanbic Mobile USSD.


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