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GOtv Subscription Plans

This post will teach you the following:

  • Major websites where you can make payment for your GOtv
  • What you should have in your possession before attempting online subscription for your GOtv
  • how to fill the various forms presented on the website pages
  • how to make online payment for your GOtv subscription



If you are a Gotv user and searching for how to subscribe for your Gotv online, this is the right post for you. Having Gotv may not be a problem but subscription may not be as simple as one may think especially for those that are not close to any Gotv office.

It is not just being around Gotv office, it is about knowing how to subscribe when your subscription expires. This may not appear difficult to those that understand how to subscribe Gotv online. The fact is that those with little knowledge of internet services will find it difficult and almost discouraging to try subscribing for their Gotv online.

However, this post will make it possible for you to easily subscribe to your Gotv without any difficulty. First of all, you need to have the following details handy when trying to carry out Gotv subscription online;

Your Gotv IUC Number

The Phone number you used to register the Gotv

Your Email Address

Your debit card (MasterCard or Visa Card) or if you can carry out mobile banking

Once you have all these in your hand, you can easily carry out your online Gotv subscription by visiting any of these links:





To make your subscription, click on any of the links and visit the website. Once you reach the website page you may be required to signup for an account. If that be the case, you can signup for an account with details you can easily remember. Afterwards, follow the prompts carefully and fill up all the required areas carefully to avoid making mistakes before payment.



VTPASS website will need you to fill up payment form with all the necessary details. In the form, you are going to see on the website fill up the required details as shown on the picture below this paragraph.

First is ‘BOUQUET’, this field allows you to select the type of subscription you want to make online. Click on it to reveal available options then select the one you are subscribing for.

Second is the ‘GOtv IUC NUMBER’, this field requires you to put your Gotv IUC number from your decoder.

The rest fields are Phone number, email address, and the Amount of money you want to pay.

VTPass Gotv Subscription website

VTPass Gotv Subscription website

VTPass Gotv Subscription website (select option)

VTPass Gotv Subscription website (select option)



If you are using Jumia pay platform for your Gotv subscription, you will see so many options to select from such as paying for either Gotv, Dstv, Startimes, iROKOTV, or Montage. In the second field, you will be required to add your UIC Number, in the third field you will add the type of subscription you are making such as; GOtv Smallie, GOtv Jinja Bouquet, Gotv Jolli Bouquet, GOtv Max. in the fourth field you will select the Package variant indicating either one-off payment, Quarterly payment, or Yearly Payment. Using Jumia pay for your GOtv subscription offers you lots of options to get the exact subscription hat suites your need.

Besides Gotv payment, the platform offers you the opportunity to make a subscription for other utility services such as; DStv subscription, Startimes Subscription, iROKOtv subscription, and Montage payment.

Gotv Subscription using Jumia Pay website

Gotv Subscription using Jumia Pay website




GoTv official payment website is another option available for you to make your GoTv subscription payment. It offers detailed instruction above the form fields. all you need is to insert your IUC number into the space provided for it. Select the country. Fill the Captcha text. And then click the ‘Verify’ button.

GOtv website for Subscription payment

GOtv website for a Subscription payment




Utilitywallet offers another opportunity to make your GOtv subscription online. Its landing page has a five-fields fillable form that makes it easy to make an online payment for your GOtv subscription. The first filed gives you the option to select payment for either GOtv, DStv, or StarTimes. Since you are paying for GOtv, you have to select the first option.

The second field of the form requires you to insert your Bouquet of the GOtv subscription you are making.

The third field requires you to add the Smart Card IUC Number. The next field after that is your Phone number and your email address. Your email address will receive the payment receipt after payment has been made.

Utilitywallet website GOtv payment page

Utilitywallet website GOtv payment page


You can now select any of the mentioned-payment websites for your GOtv subscription. Some of the websites may require you to login or create an account while some may not. Feel free to comment and share your experience on each of the websites with us.


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