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Spoilt egg

WORRIED ABOUT EGG QUALITY -let us talk about it.

Poor egg quality is a very common issue for eggs producing farmers especially now that people are formulating low quality feeds to cut cost.

Eggs of about 2%  gets lost every day in different farms because of egg quality production problems from the farms.

Egg quality includes the external quality and internal quality of the egg.

External quality problems includes eggshells damage, cracks, thin shells, deformities, color irregularities and dirty eggs.

Further more, Internal quality problems include thin protein, light egg yolk, blood spots, meat spots and foreign objects -farmers don’t bother about the internal as such;


Let us look at some Common problems and influencing factors in production


The change of eggshell color reflects not only the health levels of chicken, but also the nutritional level of feed and the body condition of laying birds.

The change of color has great influence on the sales of commercial eggs.
Diseases such as a typical Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis.

Even more as egg drop syndrome, avian influenza, nutritional factors such as amino acid imbalance, trace elements and vitamin deficiency.

Sand shell eggs, soft shell eggs and thin shell eggs are mainly caused by infectious bronchitis, avian influenza, enteritis and other diseases.

The lack of feed nutritional, vitamin, calcium and phosphorus deficiency are also closely related to stress factors and drug use.

📌Wrinkled egg, steel shell egg:
These kind of eggs are caused by virus infection and oviduct inflammation.

📌Broken shell eggs and dark cracked eggs

There are many influencing factors of broken shell eggs;

They are mainly caused by nutrition, cages, feeding density, egg picking times, behavior and physiology of hens.

There are many factors affecting quality of eggshell in production.

To be a successful poultry farmer and get the expected results you must do the needful.

90% of Nigeria’s egg producers do not know that their birds ought to be prime.

And that it should be given EDS vaccines just before egg production.

If you always see some rough type of eggs, it is a sign that your birds were not given EDS 76 or that particular bird didn’t get the vaccine.


EDS is expensive, about NGN33,000 per 1000 dose.

Most farmers will complain that it is too expensive -pennywise pounds foolish.

If they are not lucky, their flocks will not reach peak production.

Secondly, they will experience a sharp drop in egg production.

Which usually lasts for about 3 to 4 weeks. Guess the first suspect when this occurs?

The feed of course, or the farm attendants or manager(these people are selling my eggs then lie to me).

Bottom line;

if you failed to do what successful farmers are doing, you will not get the kind of results the successful farmers are getting. Period!

Please prime your flocks, first, after a week, administer the EGG DROP SYNDROME vaccine just before your birds commence laying.

if as a poultry manager can follow the guideline of this post, you will understand some things about quality egg production.

Then you will be a better farmer with a great farm

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