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During one of the skill acquisition programs, I registered in Port Harcourt. I got to know a girl that made cool every day making and selling popcorn. And that got me thinking and that thought led me to find out more about the business.

Trust me, the popcorn business is a very lucrative business you can venture into, if only you know how to package and run it. So, before you get to the end of this article, you must have grab one or two things on how to start.

Now, let’s consider some of the things you need to know before you start your own popcorn business:

Popcorn Making Machine

Getting yourself a popcorn making machine is the beginning of your journey into the popcorn business. So, before you start the business, find out from people into the business already to know the one to go for. Getting this information from them will be helpful to you to avoid buying the one that will not last.

Some popcorn making machines can be used to produce both salt and sugar popcorn. Purchasing this kind of machine will help vary the kind of popcorn you will be making. And besides people prefer some particular kind of popcorn.

Well in Nigeria, the power supply is not what you should depend on. So, getting a machine make use of electricity and a gas cylinder will be a nice idea, to be able to between the two power sources.

Don’t stress yourself to buy an expensive one, they are ones you can within the range of N10,000 to N25,000. Do window shopping to find out prices from different sellers and know the one to go for.

Make Your Brand Attractive

For any business to succeed, the owner must pay attention to the brand, because it will help you stand out among your competitors in the market. So, get a name and logo for yourself. Make sure that the name can easily be pronounced by people to help your name stick to their mind. This will make them always remember your name and product.

If you have the finance you can get your nylon branded with your name and logo or you do this as the business grows. See what other big brands are doing and model yours like theirs because it will attract customers to your product just by seeing it.

Well, to achieve this, then you need the services of a graphic designer who has the knowledge to deliver what you want. It won’t cost you much because you need the designs to promote your business on social media.

Raw material

The raw material that you need for your business is simply corn. Find the market where you will be buying good corn for a relatively cheap price. Don’t buy too many bags of corn because you’re new in the business but as your business grows you can then be buying as you want because you built your customer base.

Get Trained

YouTube is there for you to learn on your own or ask someone into the business to teach you how to make popcorn and how to make a profit.

Market Yourself

For your business to succeed you must get involved in marketing. Learn how to make people want your popcorn, learn how to package your products, and take good pictures of them. Reach out to shop owners to be their supplier, first offer them some of your products for free for them to see how good they are. With this strategy, you will get some of them to agree for you to be supplying to them.

Finally, you can earn extra money by teaching others too.

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