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How To Start Nylon Making Business

Nylon Bag Production and marketing in Nigeria

Nylon is any synthetic plastic material composed of polyamides of increased molecular strength and usually, but not always, produced as a fibre. Nylons were created in the 1930s by an exploration team presided by an American chemist, Wallace H. Carothers, operating with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and firm. The profitable production of a useful fibre by chemical synthesis from solutions readily accessible from the air, water, and coal or petroleum facilitated the proliferation of analysis on polymers, leading to a promptly proliferating family of synthetics.

However, what is the nylon business

What is nylon business

We need a smart business to start making money with, in our day to day lifestyles. We like to live a luxurious life but the real stop to our living is to make money.

Money is an important aspect of human life that ensures daily satisfaction and steady living. Although, human wants are insatiable and numerous. Be sure that everything we need in life is to live fine.

Nylon is used daily ranging from packaged bread, goods packed after purchase, etc. Nylon interferes with almost everything we do in life. A common use of nylon includes;

  • Clothing – Shirts, Foundation garments, lingerie, raincoats, underwear, swimwear and cycle wear.
  • Company/industry use – Conveyer and seat belts, parachutes, airbags, nets and ropes, tarpaulins, thread, tents e.t.c
  • It is used to make a fishnet.
  • It is wielded as plastic in producing machine parts.

With this, people’s demands for nylon has increased and as a nylon seller, you can sell like crazy.

However,  Starting a nylon production business is one of the most lucrative businesses that any entrepreneur in Nigeria can go into and make lots of profit within a short period, due to the high demand for nylon and nylon materials by individuals and businesses that need to package items for domestic and industrial purposes.  The nylon business is easy to start up and as a result, more innovative entrepreneurs have been going into the business.

Nylon Bag Production and marketing in Nigeria
Nylon Bag Production and marketing in Nigeria

Nylon production process

 Nylon is made via a condensation polymerization reaction and is formed by reacting di-functional monomers containing equal parts of amine and carboxylic acid. The amides form at both ends of the monomer in a process analogous to polypeptide biopolymers. The monomers for nylon 6/6 are adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine while nylon 6 expects a lactam or an amino acid. In each outbreak, the two molecules combine to make nylon with water as a byproduct. The water must then be removed or it inhibits the polymerization process. The word nylon 6 or nylon 6/6 is used established on how many carbon atoms there are between the two acid groups and the two amine factions.

Six essential ways to start nylon making business

This guide is to show you how to start a nylon business on a small scale. The process in starting is as follows:

Get the raw material: Most of the expected raw materials can be bought from refineries since they are by-products of petrochemical processing. Examples of these raw materials include Polythene, Polyethylene, Ecorene, Lupene and so on.

Obtain capital: You will want some capital to establish this business. the required capital can differ depending on how large you want the business to be, However, for starters, you will need 20 to 40,000 naira to set it up properly.

Get a production space: This is the location where the nylon making will be going on. It doesn’t have to be the size of a football field, a nice spacious workspace will do fine in the meantime.

Develop a business plan and make some research: Do not be a victim of ignorance and lack of proper knowledge or maintenance. Do your research on how to make this product, it is far from enough to purchase the machines stated above, you must learn how to use them or face the risk of having spoilt machines all over the place Furthermore, develop a business plan on which you can manage your business.  Develop a business plan and follow it with all commitment, set a goal and objective and do not stop till you attain it.

Buy the necessary machines: Since I assume you want to start a small business in the meantime, here is a list of the machinery you will need for a small start-up. We have one type of machine. It includes:

Nylon Bag Production and marketing in Nigeria
Nylon Bag Production and marketing in Nigeria

Punching Blades

There is a printing component that will enable you to print designs on these bags. You can buy this component or ignore it, you can sub-contract printing of designs to another company and pay them, printing in Balogun market Lagos early this year went for 100 nairas per print.

Start production: Polythene bags are made by heating and cutting rolls of film. Rolls of sheeting or tubing are fed through the machine. The Device then draws out the rolls into segments of specified length, cycles to place a seal on each segment, and cuts off each segment to make an individual bag. This process might seem rudimentary, but trust me, it becomes a part of you in no time, like putting on your clothes in the morning.

Start selling: Now that you have finished Nylons for sale, it’s time to sell your products. You can sell your Nylon as a wholesaler to this pure water company or even shopping malls. However, these stores may require that you, print certain brand designs on the polythene bags and they prefer to buy in bundles. Once you get four of these kinds of customers, you can be raking in 100,000 nairas every month for the first six months.

However, with the above-listed process, it can be noted that the nylon business is taking the world. Dive into the nylon business affair to enjoy in multimillion naira. People happily buy nylon because it’s highly needed no matter the expenses. Almost everything around us is made of nylon or put into nylon for a kind of safety. Start now and enjoy thousands of deals with your clients.

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