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How to Start DJ Service Business in Nigeria


Have you been to any event or celebration and music was not played?

I don’t think you have witnessed such, this means that there’s work for DJs always.

But…how can one start a DJ service business?

Today, in this post I will show how to start a DJ service business and make money from it.

Let’s dive into it.

What to Know as a Beginner

To succeed in this line of business, you must have the following characteristics:

  • You must be a lover of music
  • Networking: Be good at meeting new people
  • You must be organized
  • Good at time management
  • Have the drive and be disciplined

Like every other business, this business has the unique challenges that come with it. You must know to differentiate yourself from others in the business.

Now, try to remember all the events and celebrations you have ever attended and know what unique thing you can bring to the table.


Understand it is Your Business

In Nigeria, many people think that knowing how to play a song from a laptop with a little touch of mixes, they can be referred to as a DJ.

This is your business, you have to be organized and professional. You may think that the market is saturated but it’s not the case. The truth is that the market is saturated with unprofessional DJs.

To beat the competition, you have to stand out. And how and where do you stand out?


  • Spending your time to practice
  • Investing in pro equipment
  • Getting organized and professional from day one.

Music is the Most Important Aspect of the Business

Before we talk about equipment, you need to understand that you must invest in buying high-quality and legally downloaded music.

It’s what makes you a professional and is key to starting a DJ service business.

To Start, be Prepared to Learn and Work

First, you have to learn from someone in the business with much experience to teach you everything about the business.

And if possible, to pay to learn this then pay. It’s an investment you are doing as well.

Understand that DJ work is for a few hours weekly, but it comes with a lot of commitment and work.

You need to know that when you’re not giggling, you will either be practicing or doing some business admin work like connecting with people both online and offline.

DJ work is not a normal job and you’ll spend hours alone working on your skills. So you have to get comfortable working evenings and weekends.

That’s the business world you’re getting into.


Equipment Needed to Start the Business

1: DJ controller

An all-in-one controller that’s flexible and portable. You won’t need to buy multiple decks and a mixer if you have this controller.

2: Amps and speakers

You need an amp that will connect your controller to the speakers. Buy as many quality speakers as you can. Because some venues will require more speakers than others.

3: Microphones

You need to add microphones to your kit. They will be used by you, the celebrant, or the master of ceremonies.

4: Cables

You need cables to link your equipment together. Make sure you buy good quality and durable cables. Always go to events with spares to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

5: Music

You need to have a music library. Without it, all the equipment will be useless. This can be expensive to get. So a good way to have a lot of music is to buy compilations like hit songs of the year, wedding tracks, etc.

It will be cheaper than buying or downloading individual songs.

Other things you need to consider are:

  • Business cards: Carry them with you because you never know who you may meet.
  • A website and social media accounts: For business promotion and inquiry.
  • Business phone
  • Buy or rent a vehicle for carrying your equipment.

Networking is Key

You have to step out and visit hotels, event planners, theatres, masters of ceremonies, to familiarize yourself with people.

This will help to build a personal relationship with them and don’t forget to leave your business card with them.

Understand that networking is a give-and-take thing.


First, you have to keep your contacts organized. Meaning you have to be able to refer jobs to them. This way they will be inclined to do so for you.

The online world is there to explore. Join online communities on events, weddings and be an active member by posting valued content around the business.

Post video and image content about your business on your social media accounts.

Make friends with as many people as possible in the industry. Always volunteer to help known DJs in their events, by doing so they refer jobs to you.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

You have to take time to practice. It will differentiate you from others.

This can be indoors or in the public. Offer your service for free for a friend or a family member.

You can decide to organize a small party to learn how to perform with a crowd.

Register the Business

Register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It will make the business look more professional and the services it provides.

Things to do Daily to Grow the Business

First, marketing is what you must always do. This will take a big portion of your time when you’re not DJing.

Marketing must be done both online and offline, so master the art of marketing yourself and the business.

Second, preparing for upcoming events by:

  • Meeting clients to discuss the events.
  • Visit the venue and familiarize yourself with the space.

Third, updating your music library based on:

  • Recent hit music
  • Request made by your clients

Finally, follow up your previous clients for:

  • Testimonials
  • Feedback
  • Referrals

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts on how to start your DJ service business in the comment box.

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