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How to Start Crayfish Business & Make it Big in Nigeria Presently

How to Start Crayfish Business and Make it Big in Nigeria Presently

Crayfish is a major ingredient for soup, stew, porridge, jollof and many more of our favorite meals in Africa. the price of one full bag of crayfish is ₦50,000 to ₦65,000.

The medium size crayfish will go for about N30,000 in the producing areas, but the pricing will change in other areas.

There are many reasons why you should venture into the crayfish business. It is very profitable, you can realize 50% and above the return on investment.

 A high turnover guarantees more gain if you are focused and determined you can achieve thisThe most common places where crayfish is sold in Nigeria again are Akwa ibom, Ogun and Ondo.

 In Akwa ibom is sold at Oron and Ibeno.

The best specie and quality of crayfish is found in the southern Nigeria where about twelve thousand metric tonnes is produced yearly. Cross River, Akwa ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa states are major producers of crayfish and the highest consumers of crayfish in Nigeria. Southerners love crayfish whether fresh or dry.

Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters. In some locations, they are also known as crawfish, craydids, crawdaddies, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, rock lobsters, mudbugs, or yabbies. Taxonomically, they are members of the superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastacoidea.

How To Preserve Crayfish/Best Way To Store

How to Start Crayfish Business and Make it Big in Nigeria Presently
How to Start Crayfish Business and Make it Big in Nigeria Presently


Sundry or ovens dry the crayfish very well, until they give a cracking sound when touched/shaken or until they start breaking. If you are drying to package for sale you should not dry up to this point.

You then grind them to your desired sizes,

fill them in a plastic container and seal or cork the container very well such that air cannot enter and store them in a refrigerator.

Ensure that you have a source of light to power your refrigerator until when you are ready to use them.

If you are not sure of power please keep the crayfish in your cupboard it will still last a little longer.

For the ungrounded ones wrap them very well in a thick nylon or better still put them in a big rubber (bucket, basin etc.) and cover very well in such a way that damp can’t get in. And put them in a refrigerator or cold room.

Crayfish is used as seasoning in Nigerian cooking. … Based on the characteristics of shrimps, I would say that the crayfish we have in Nigeria are more like shrimps. So crayfish can safely be referred to as dried shrimps. They range from very tiny to large ones that can be mistaken for prawns.

Step 1:prepare your funding: Make a list of all the resources that you will need to carry out your crayfish business plan.

Always keep your project plan in mind and Be specific about what you plan to do your finance strategy should combine financial planning with strategic planning. The outcome is a functional roadmap that assesses current resources, costs and budget and aligns them with your mission and goals.

Step 2: choose a good shop location

Some factors you can consider whilst selecting a location include: Population and Your Customer, Accessibility, Visibility, and Traffic.

Signage, Zoning, and Planning.

Competition and Neighbors.

Location Costs and Personal Factors. Take your time to make the best choice.

Step 3: select the best place to buy from

 buy goods in large quantities directly from the producers or manufacturers and sell in smaller quantities or bits to the retailers. Wholesalers are able to sell their products for a lower price as they are selling in bulk, which reduces the handling time and costs involved. They usually provide large quantities of goods, but can take on orders for smaller quantities as well.A wholesaler deals in both forms means cash and credit with retailers. Generally, most of the sales are on credit basis depending on the customer.

Step 4:Transport your merchandise home and start distribution: Air transport is the best option for long distances requiring urgent and speedy transport, to meet deadlines or because the goods are perishable or fragile. Motor transport is faster than rail transport for short distance deliveries. However, for longer haul journeys rail is faster and more economical. If you need to ship heavy items in large quantities (more than a full truckload) via land, rail shipping will almost always be your best option. Railcars can hold four times as much cargo as a standard tractor trailer, and the cost to ship bulk goods is significantly cheaper

Choose different packaging options such as corrugated pads or secure fold mailers for specific products. Choose a convenient and friendly shipping carrier that meets your budget and cost targets. You can opt for contract shipping or local shipping carriers, depending on the items to be shipped and their costs.

Step 5: Advertise your business: you should Take advantage of local listings, Register your business with Google — it’s the new yellow pages, you can also Use social media to Create engaging material, Get involved in an online community, Pay for advertising

Health benefits of crayfish

How to Start Crayfish Business and Make it Big in Nigeria Presently
How to Start Crayfish Business and Make it Big in Nigeria Presently

Weight loss

Crayfish serves as a very good ingredient for weight loss because it contains low fats as well as traces of carbohydrates. Crayfish helps in making a healthy and nutritious diet. This seafood can go a long way is serving as salads and green vegetables.

Strong bone

It serves also as a source of iron, daily intake of crayfish which aids in improving the production and circulation of blood in the body and can effectively reduce the chances of developing anemia and other low iron-related health conditions.

Brain development

Constant intake of crayfish can help to prevent the chance of Alzheimer’s disease

Smooth skin

Crayfish is very good for the skin. This seafood aids in making the body smooth by removing spots and blemishes and also helps in promoting a beautiful and healthy skin.Categorized as seafood, studies have shown that cooked crayfish is rich in vitamin B, copper, selenium, protein, iron, zinc, and amino acids. … It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in the promotion of healthy joints and overall body health.

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