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Starting a primary school (creche, kindergarten and nursery inclusive) in Nigeria is a bold, impactful and lucrative investment. Nigeria is the most populous black nation on the earth with a population of over 200 million and the youths having up to 60% of the population. All indication points to the fact; the birth rate in Nigeria is very high. Consequently, the high children population in Nigeria creates a demand for more education facilities. And this is bound to continue as long as life goes on.

If you’re passionate about education and children, then this is for you and you can start right from where you are. Because most parents now prefer to register their children in schools within their neighbourhood or workplace provided the education is standard and reasonably affordable.

This level of education for the children is the foundation and very important one that parents go for good schools for their children and will pay any amount for to see their children succeed.
Here are the steps to set up a primary school:

Brainstorm a Name for Your School

Everyone and everything have a name, that’s how important name is. You are known and remembered by your name. Think about this carefully and thoughtfully. Choose a name that stands out, unique, and memorable to both parents and children. Something meaningful, short and catchy should fly.

Find a Location for Your School

Proper siting is very important. Just like every other business, the siting of your school has to be in the location which has your potential clients. Another very importation consideration for choosing location is the safety of your children and the easy accessibility.

Your school location should be within or close to a neighborhood so they can easily come to school without spending much on transportation. At this point you might not have the budget for school bus. If your school is located in a residential area or workplace the parents would be able to do school runs for their children without much stress.

Developing areas might be less expensive than already developed areas which will ultimately affect the school fee. Very developed areas will attract high cost to acquire and definitely more expensive school fee. Staying in in a less developed areas will automatically make your school fees to be cheaper and affordable. However, your target clients and budget should determine your location.

School Building

For a small budget, your best bet is to start by renting a building within or around your chosen location. Erecting a school building from scratch is expensive and time consuming. Another alternative is to convert your own building to school, if have one you can use.

When renting a building for school consider the safety of the children and look for a solid building with proper ventilation and space. You can partition the building into classes but make sure the room is spacious enough and conducive for learning.

Get School Facilities

The hallmark of good schools is the quality and number of their teaching and learning facilities. You need to purchase several facilities that will aid in teaching and learning for effective education and around development of the children. Here are facilities you should consider for your primary school:

  • White Boards
  • Markers
  • Computers
  • Charts
  • Games
  • Swings
  • First aid kits
  • TVs
  • Stationery
  • Books
  • Shelves
  • Desks and Chairs
  • Musical instruments
  • Microphones
  • Generator etc.
    Moreover, you also need good water supply for good hygiene, cleaning of toilets and bathrooms.

Registration of the School

Officially registering the school makes you a legal owner of the business, name and other entities. You need to register the school business with the corporate affairs commission and ministry of education to secure operational license and official documentations. Depending on the size of the primary school, you may require the assistance of a legal practitioner. Registering your business makes people more confident to patronize your business.

In addition, you will also need to register with the association of private schools in your state or local government. When you join this association, more necessary information and benefit will be made available to you.

Design a School Uniform and Logo

You may employ the help of a fashion designer to design something unique, fashionable and comfortable for children. This uniform should be simple and affordable. A graphic designer will help you craft a logo (badge) with the motto will come up with. This helps in branding your school.

Now with the minimum preparation done and approval from the ministry of education, next is hiring of staffs. Placing a vacancy notice in front of the school gate for both teaching and non-teaching staff is the simplest way to go. Advertise also for enrollment of students and be very strategic with your school fee to pull parents in. Inform people within your circle; family, friends, church members, colleagues and anyone not just about the vacancy but also for them to enroll their children. Everything must not be perfect before you launch. Start and with good management you will grow big.
Here are the list staff you should start with:

  • Teachers
  • Security guards
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionist
  • Supervisor
  • Secretary/Accountant
  • Bus Driver (if you have a school bus) etc.

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