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This post will be covering the following topics:

  • What is Podcast
  • How does it work?
  • Benefits of Starting a Podcast
  • Future expectations of Podcast
  • What you need before starting a podcast
  • How to start your podcast
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to monetize your podcast

You can now read the full details of the above topics in the subsequent paragraphs.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is audio content created for listening purpose only. It is a recorded audio message hosted online for anyone to listen to it.

The podcast is gradually becoming another means of content marketing and sharing of information due to the increasing number of podcast and listeners.

Consider a podcast to be an online radio platform. Where different topics are discussed in the series. It has channels just like YouTube channels. A particular Podcast channel will be discussing specific topics in every podcast and the listeners are mostly those interested in the topics being discussed in the channel.


How does it work?

The working principle of a podcast is similar to those of video-streaming platforms except that only audio will be hosted on them. The arrangement of podcast stations is in such a way that podcasts in a particular channel will continue to play automatically in series.

This arrangement will make it possible for anyone travelling and wants to listen to a podcast channel that is speaking about the city the traveller is heading to, can do so by listening to series of podcast regarding the city even before getting there.

There is no limit to topics available for podcast. In podcast stations, any topic can be discussed. It is left for anyone starting a podcast channel to choose a specific topic that the channel will be discussed from time to time.



Benefits of Starting a Podcast

There are benefits attached to having a podcast channel. Just like any other content-making platform, popularity is a virtue that everyone strives for in modern information-sharing options. If your podcast channel becomes popular you can do a lot of things with it for your own benefits.

Among the benefits are the ability to be heard by a large audience, the ability to discuss your opinion on a variety of topics, your ability to create friends and fans around what you love doing, and lots more.

The benefits of a podcast channel can be felt significantly when there are enough audience and the popularity of the channel. Ranging from monetization benefits to the popularity of your name and anything you choose to promote.



Future expectations of Podcast

Podcast has a potential future impact and influence on the way information will be shared. There had been a significant increase in Podcast listeners especially from the United States and gradually shifting across other countries.

In Nigeria, not everyone understands what podcast is all about. Some people who understand it rarely listen to it. YouTube seems to be a major platform for Nigerians looking for information with vocal message.

Despite the little patronage from Nigeria, podcast still remains the next potential message sharing method that could influence future ways of sharing a message.

Podcast channels may gradually fade away from radio stations since it is an online platform that you can listen to anywhere you are in the world. However, it may also improve the popularity of radio stations operating popular podcast channels making their reach to be global instead of the areas covered by the radio station frequency.




What you need before starting a podcast

Starting a podcast is not a difficult task but you will need certain podcast equipment and software such as:

Podcast hosting websites

Quality Smartphone or Computer

Microphone for the Smartphone or the computer

Audio recording software

Call recording software

Quality improvement equipment for Podcast




Those are what you need to set up a podcast. It is so simple that an iPhone owner can decide to operate a podcast channel using the iPhone because it has an inbuilt microphone. You can as well use the computer for the same purpose.


How to start your podcast

Starting your own podcast channel is one way you can stand out and dominate that topic you are very interested in.

Before are steps you need to follow to start our podcast:

Buy hosting a hosting plan for your podcast channel or start with a free podcast channel hosting website.

Choose Podcast channel name. The name should be able to represent all your podcast topics that your channel will be recording. The podcast name is a short message that shows what your podcast is talking about.

Make a captivating cover art for the will stand at the static background of every podcast you upload.

Make the podcast category and subcategory in your channel. This will enable you to classy your podcasts according to the topics they are talking about.

Make a clear description of your podcast channel. This is like building the SEO of your channel which will make it easy for anyone searching for the topics your channel covers to find it.

Choose co-hosts and collaborators. This is very important if you need the channel to be occupied with long term listeners, choose co-hosts and collaborators for the channel.

Get the necessary podcast equipment and software.



How to grow your audience

Growing Podcast channel’s number of listeners works just like blogging. All you need is to start making an interesting podcast about the topics your channel covers. You will also need to have a podcast calendar or schedule which will enable listeners to know when to expect the next podcast.

You will also need to make a quality podcast that is audible enough to your listeners. Your podcast should be too long that listeners may not have time to listen the whole of it rather it should cover the topic of discussion and give room for the next podcast. Inversely, it shouldn’t be too short that listeners don’t get proper information on the topic of discussion.

Consistency a key in everything. Being consistent is clear of showing listeners that you are always available to make a new podcast.

Another way you can grow the number of listeners in your channel is through sharing your podcast on social media platforms.

Another way is to make a proper description of your podcast channel to reflect the topics of your channel’s podcasts. This will make it easy to show in the topic search terms whenever listeners search for podcasts of your topic online.


How to monetize your podcast

Monetizing your podcast channel means making money from it. There are many ways you can do it. First, you need to make sure your channel gets popular and gets a good number of listeners before you opt for its monetization.

Monetization is only effective when you have enough number of people that understands what you are doing with regard to the topics covered by your podcast channel. Then you can use their royalty to advertise any product or brand name to them.

Here are ways you can make money with the podcast:

Paid Advertisement. You can be contacted by large firms to use your channel to promote their brands. This will go with a service fee. The money you make here can become a major source of funding for the podcast. Sometimes, you may be the one to contact industries that deal with products your channel topics cover for the advertisement deal.

Fans Support. If your channel produces regular interesting podcast you can ask fans for channel subscription and support. Popular channels can make huge money from it.

Promote your own product. Instead of selling for someone, use the channel to promote your own product. Your fans will know what you do outside the podcast and will likely patronize your product.

Other options. There are other options available for any podcast channel to make money. However, the only effective way to actualize it is by getting a good number of listeners for the channel. You can achieve that by promoting the channel’s podcast on different platforms.



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