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Before phones came into existence, people communicated through the use of letters, and this took time before it could get to the receiver. And this affected humanity but it was the best way of keeping in touch with people you loved.

Now, it’s no more that way because of phones and you can use your phone to do what a normal computer system can do depending on the type. And this has made the phone business in Nigeria to be one you can venture into when considering starting a business.

Why? The phone has become part of the necessity of life. It’s not what anyone can afford not to use.

How To Start The Phone Business

1. Market Survey

You need to carry out a survey to know where to position your business. Knowing this will help you have the necessary knowledge about the business like the capital to invest into the business and where to buy your products.

2. Business Plan

From the survey you have done, you will be able to write a business plan that will detail everything you want to do with the business. It will include the amount needed to start the business, financial projections of where the business will be, and other things.

3. Register Your Business

Registering your business is an important thing for you to do. It opens you up to more opportunities you can’t even imagine and gives people the confidence to do business with you.

You must register it with a name that can easily be pronounced and remembered by people. This is for your business and what you sell to register permanently on their mind.

4. Rent a Shop

The location of your shop matters a lot. You need to be a in place that has a high influx of people daily, that’s a busy area. Where you will be able to sell your products to people and stop them from going to other known places where they can get it. This means that your products must be good and what they can get in the market.

5. Buy Your Products

Your products must be good to attract and retain customers for your business to grow. Through the survey, you carried out you must be able to find a dealer with a good track record to buy from when starting to avoid buying fake products and getting into any problems.

You need to buy necessary things for the shop like a table, chairs, calculator, fan, computer system to keep your records intact.

6. Market Your Business

It means that you must put your business in the face of people. You must tell people about what you are into, the social media platforms are there to showcase your products to people. And don’t do it the way others do their own. You must learn how to use canva to create amazing designs for your products and list the benefits of buying those particular products.

Show up with great content about your products in different forms like photos, videos, articles, etc. This way people will know what you are into. And you must be consistent with it.

7. Get A Small E-commerce Website

Having this website will give you a more online presence and show you to more people. It will get you more customers from outside your location.

You need to run ads for more people to know that your website exists and patronize you.

8. Sell Other Related Products

In your shop or on your site, sell related products like different network airtime, Dstv, and Gotv subscriptions. Also, you can start up a POS business too to join with the business.

This is to keep your business running and your shop busy. If they can’t buy phones, they will buy phone accessories, or airtime, or they pay for their Gotv or Dstv subscription, or better still they withdraw or deposit money through your POS.

Take out time to plan how your phone business will be, strategize and launch out immediately.

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