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The other day I was opportune to be talk with a barber who told me how lucrative the business and how he has been able to achieve many thing with the business.

Let’s understand this that a lot of men visit the barbershop to have their beards trimmed and at least they will spend N300. In Nigeria, barbers do charge 300 and 5000 naira depending on the service and locality.

The barbering business is one that already has a market and it’s very easy for any to venture into as long as you’re good. And with N300,000 to N500,000 you can start your own own barbershop.

Steps to Starting Your Barbershop

1. Go for Training

Go for training and learn under a good barber. It will you between 6 to 12 months to learn everything you need to learn. From the training you will learn various hair styles to be able to meet the needs of your customers.

2. Get a Shop

Get a shop that can will be easily accessible to people. The shop should be spacious enough not to make the customers feel uncomfortable while waiting for their turn.

Make your shop an amazing one with bright colours that will make the customers feel comfortable, white is hood. Light up your shop very well, get an air conditioning or a good fan is okay, and a TV (to entertain your customers while they wait for their turns)

3. Buy Equipment

Buy all the necessary materials and equipment that you need in your shop, like good clippers, combs, burners, hand gloves, sterilizing machine, and cosmetics such as hair relaxers, aftershave, warmer towels, etc.

4. Buy a Generator

In this country, Power supply is not steady and that’s why you need to a generator for your business. It will serve as a steady power supply for your business to avoid disappointing your customers because of lack of power supply.

5. Brand Your Business

First, get a name for your business, a name that can be easily be pronounced and remembered by people. You must differentiate yourself from others by offering a better service and be a good barber that knows the various hair styles that your customers want.

6. Register With Governing Bodies

Find the local barber group and register with them. It help you avoid unnecessary distractions and to keep you on track with latest developments. And it’s important you register your business name with the Corporate Affairs commission if you have the vision to take your business to another level.

7. Market Your Business

Tell people about your barbering business. Because the more they know about it, is the more they will patronize your services.

Design posters and put in strategic places of your locality. The social media is there for you to talk about what you do and when you’re good you will see people commenting to say good things about your services. And it will lead more people to your shop and that’s more customers and more money.

8. Sell Products

Leverage on your shop and sell products that will help your customers like aftershaves, shampoo, hair cream, perfumes, body sprays, shaving sticks, etc.


Starting a barbering business is another means of having steady money if you’re good at it and your shop is at a strategic place. You can start small and grow it to become a chain of barbering shops in your town or state. All you need is to be creative and business minded and plan yourself very well.

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