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How to start a Bakery in Nigeria

Agege Bread

While In this region of the globe, the bakery business is lucrative, it is also one of the broadest ventures around. To avoid becoming lost in the sea of other baking businesses, it is important to determine your niche.

Some bakeries specialize in bread, while others specialize in cakes, sandwiches, etc. Whatever area you choose, you can first operate as a retail bakery or wholesale bakery.

Keeping these in mind can help you stay on course to success as well as reduce your overall costs. This write-up examines the cost of opening a bakery in Nigeria. Those who hope to succeed in the baking industry will find this guide useful.

Your main motivation to read this article is most likely to explore the bakery market as you intend to start your own business. We are going to highlight all those things here as we will list them in detail. Furthermore, with the right plan and info, you can make sure that your bakery will be among the best.

It is clear that the bakery business is one of the most popular ventures in the country with bread becoming one of the most popular products on the market. Despite the fact that some people have become prominent figures in the industry, many others still think it’s difficult to get started in it. The interest in baked products like bread will continue to grow.

Getting a Bakery Started in Nigeria

The amount to start a bakery in Nigeria is often asked by people interested in the business. The fact is, starting a smaller than average bakery costs as little as 100,000 nairas or even lower. However, it is likely that it will never surpass the name or level.

You will need at least ₦500,000 to ₦700,000 to start a medium-sized bakery in the country, and you may need as much as ₦6 million to start a large bakery, depending on the setting and the size of the bakery. Starting a bakery in the country includes the following expenses: equipment, inventory, working capital, etc.

If you are thinking about setting up your own bakery, it can be hard to have an exact estimate of the amount you will spend. Your budget will depend on the size and type of bakery you want. In the above, we discussed the important things you need when starting a bakery business and the steps you should take.

Bakery business in Nigeria will require you at least ₦700,00, based on the past experiences of some people in the business. Taking all factors into consideration, one would need between ₦1 million and ₦5 million, depending on the size of the business. This is a general estimate of what it would cost to open a bakery in this country.

Without knowledge of the associated costs of opening a bakery business in the country, a business plan is not sufficient. As with most businesses of this nature, proper planning and setup of the right systems have to be in place at the right time.

You can start your own bread shop with little problem, as long as you understand the process involved. Furthermore, if you are not clueless about what you are doing, you can do it with no problem. Surely one of the more lucrative and promising businesses one can enter is a bakery business and become a tycoon.

Latest Price Guide to Major Bakery Equipment

The following are the prices of some of the most important bakery equipment:

  1. Deck Oven (1 pack) costs ₦900,000 – ₦1,000,000
  2. Dough Mixer (1 sack) costs ₦1,200,000 – ₦1,300,000
  3. Dough Mixer (25kg) costs ₦450,000 – ₦500,000
  4. Tabletop Slicer costs ₦250,000 – ₦300,000

Starting a Bakery in Nigeria: Step by Step Instructions

Taking a step back, let’s now talk about starting a bakery in Nigeria. A standard and adequate bakery can be started in a country at a reasonable cost. Here are the details:

Step 1: Conduct a Business Analysis

Before starting a business, this is a crucial step: detailed planning of the industry. Starting from this point requires a lot of thought – what you want the bakery to look like, the size, the process, the methods on how you will get the capital (in case you are underfinanced at the moment), and choosing which type of bakery you are going to run. Besides describing where your bakery is located, you also talk about how you plan on running it for many years to come.

Making of Sweet Milky White Bread
Making of Sweet Milky White Bread

Step 2: Develop a Business Plan

Like any other business plan, a bakery business plan should be organized logically. This won’t get much attention since the introductory segment covers a great deal of the subtleties that should be taken into account for the tested strategy.

Step 3: Get Registered

Now, you must contact the relevant authorities and organizations about your intended bakery. By registering, aside from becoming a member, your bakery will also be registered. You should be a registered NAFDAC member since you will likewise have control over what people eat.

Step 4: Get a Great Location Near to the Market

Bakeries must be located close to their target markets in order to be successful. Most often, it is difficult to calculate the cost of a specific location. However, prices are affected by the location and other primary factors. This makes the cost for a specific location fluctuate.

Step 5: Hire or Recruit Employees/Workers

You will still need laborers, there will probably be at least five to ten laborers required for large bakeries, regardless of how little or how much work you plan to do. Since you want to cut costs, you should just choose irregular labor, but to begin with, look for experienced specialists who will ensure productivity.

Step 6: Get the Required Equipment

The equipment needed for a bakery is essential to its operation. These include machines, cookware, and other equipment.

Step 7: Get Started

Congratulations! You have finally completed the bakery. Now here’s where the real work starts.

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