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poultries for Layers

Poultry farming is one of the common business anyone can setup even without being an expert in agricultural science. It has become a business with a large number of participators and that has not reduced the chances of making a profit from it.

Poultry business can be classified into many sections such as:

Poultry Business for Egg production: This has to do with the bleeding of layers for egg production. Layers is a specie of poultry fowl that specialized in laying eggs for up to two years and some months before their egg-laying potential drops.

Poultry Business for Meat production:  This aspect of poultry farming focuses on the provision of poultry white meat to the public. The investors usually target the broiler birds which is another specie of poultry fowl that grows within two months. Training of Noilers, Duck Fowl, and Turkey, etc. for the sole purpose of selling them once they mature and reproduced upspring is part of the poultry farming for meat production through the later illustration takes time to produce the meat.

Poultry Business for the bleeding of Special Birds: There are many birds that are not common to see in the market. Some of them are not necessarily for meat rather as entertainment birds such as parrot and pigeons, security birds such as Goose and peacock, and of course meat purpose such as the Brahma fowl specie.

Poultry Business for Feed Production: this aspect of poultry investment focuses on production and supply of poultry feeds to the Poultry Farmer Bleeding the Birds either for a meet or for egg production.

Poultry Business for the Provision of Services: This aspect of poultry business focuses on making provisions for the well-being of the birds by providing medical care such as drugs, feeders, and other necessary materials associated with the well-being of the birds. Most times you will see veterinarians in this aspect of poultry business.

Poultry Business for the Provision of Tools/Equipment: you can start a poultry business for the sole purpose of raising up poultries for intending investors, the building new cages and repairing damaged cages, provision of all poultry farming equipment and tools, as well as poultry structures repairs and amendments, etc.

poultries for Layers

poultries for Layers

As you can see, you have unlimited options when it comes to poultry farming. From the list of business choices open to those intending to go into it, you can choose the one convenient for you. Meanwhile, this post will focus on how to make money from the first option listed which is Egg Production.

This post will try to highlight all the possible ways and ideas you can apply to make a significant profit in the egg production option of poultry farming.

To launch your profitable Egg production poultry farm, you will need to put the following things in place:

Design A Professional Poultry That Is Very Unique For Layers Comfort

Not every country design is good for layers. Some designs are specific to bleeding of broilers and other species while some can be good specifically for layers.

Every poultry needs ventilation irrespective of the type of birds in it. But those for specific bleed can be enhanced further to suit specific needs. If you are going to be bleeding layers for egg production you will still need thee broiler poultry design where the small layers can bleed until they come to the age of laying eggs before putting them into the cage.

Layers cage makes a lot of difference and distinguished their poultry design from those use in rearing other species. And the cage design itself varies. There are many designs available those who specialized in building poultry cage will be able to provide you with options to choose from based on how comfortable you want the layers to stay.

Nothing should be left out in the design when it comes to comfort. From provision drinkers to drinkers facilities. If possible you can opt for automated means of feeding the birds and dosing their drinking water as well as refilling it.

The comfort of the layers also includes their faeces (shits) collection pattern. The removal of waste from the layer should be as simple and easy as possible, if possible you can automate it as well. However, manual removal and cleaning remain popular practice in most small-scale poultry farms.

The medication of the birds should be made very easy and effective. This can be achieved by proper feeders and drinkers arrangement such that calculated dosing of drinks in their drinking water can be very easy.

Hire Professional Hands For Structures

Erecting a structure for poultry is not an easy one. You have to put some things into consideration such as the wind direction, the availability of space, the availability of potable drinking water, clean environment, and lots more.

To achieve some level of excellence in poultry structure you need the experts in it. Those with a wealth of experience in poultry designs and building of poultries tend to give the best. This is very important especially when you will be in the business for so long because using quality wood, roofing sheets, and other building materials will be necessary to avoid repetition of expenses.


Plan It Big

To make a good profit in egg production poultry business you have to plan big. By this I mean your budget should not be less than 500 layers. There is a lot to gain when you have thousands of layers arranged in their cage with over a thousand egg production per week.

This will help you to cover for the money used in running energy supply to the entire farm, pay the farm staff, and equally the land cost.

A good pattern of making big poultry in a small piece of land is to erect multiple platforms on top of each other, the pattern of a two-storey building or three-storey building pillars and floors arrangements.


Opt For Cheaper Energy Source

Running generator for water supply and provision of illumination in the night can be expensive and maybe eating up your profit. Take some time to check if you have other options such as solar inverter, rechargeable inverters, and rechargeable LED lights, etc. every effort should be to cut down expenses in the energy budget.

Investing in some energy sector may be expensive initially but the long term use will overcome the cost when compared to running a generator for the same period of time. A good example is the solar panels and solar inverters.


Make plans for feed

The cost of feed is high and must be carefully planned for before other things. To know how many bags of feed you will be buying per week;

Look for nearby poultry.

Know how many layers they have and how many bags of feed they are using per week.

Use the ratio you obtained to calculate the bags of feed you will need for the number of layers in your own poultry per week.

Afterwards, calculate how much each bag of feed will cost in the market.

At this stage, you already know much you will be spending to feed every week.

You can now plan on how to reduce the feed cost either by sourcing for cheaper local feeds as a combination option for processed feed or you go by local feed if it will be convenient. However, you must consult those already in the business to understand the disadvantage and advantages of going for cheap feeding methods.


Make Plans For Good Staff

Having good workers can be a sure way of getting what you want from your poultry farm business. The ability to keep an accurate record of egg production and prices sold will determine how you can know when changes have occurred and you need to make plans for it.

Besides that, the issue of stealing of eggs, selling eggs illegally, deceitful egg size selections for gains in prices by workers, and possible false eggs damage claims, etc. could be ways farm staff will use to steal from you.

Hence, there is need to opt for workers with reputable character. Those who have worked on a farm before can provide you with the name of the farm so that you can carry out your findings in that regard.


Make Plans For Reproduction

When you have built your egg production poultry farm or while still planning for it, you need to equally plan on how to keep the production record steady as well as your monthly profits. This simply means having plans for the replacement of the layers when their egg production has significantly dropped. As I already stated, layers of egg production usually drop significantly every two and a half years, before then, you need to have raised another set of layers to replace them.

poultry layers

poultry layers


Make Plans For Marketing

One way to keep your profits secured and make good money from your egg production will be to set up a good and reliable marketing plan. You can get sets of buyers for your eggs. The buyers can be coming every week to buy the eggs based on a specific price per crate of size according to the size of eggs in each crate.

This arrangement will help to checkmate illegal selling of eggs in the farm or unauthorized selling. You can use the same pattern to know the week there is likely a manipulation in the number of eggs produced.


Nothing Should Be A Waste

You have options for selling the birds faeces. You can supply to local farmers you know in exchange for corn or for a little price for a bag of the layers faeces. In a real sense, nothing is a waste in the poultry business.

You can also use the layers of faeces in your own farm as manure if you cultivate anything in the ground. Note that keeping the large size of layers’ faeces within the poultry farm is not healthy for the layers. The waste must be removed frequently either by selling it or giving it out for free to farmers that need.




There are things you need to consider when planning to operate an egg production poultry farm. Here are a few of them:

Calculate your profit

Before you proceed further to start pumping money into the project, spend some time to calculate and evaluate possible profit from the investment. This includes proper calculations for the possible egg production and all the expenses within that period to enable you get the actual profit you may be making.

At this stage, you should be able to decide whether to go ahead or drop the plan base on your findings.


Calculate your expenses

Your expense can become a draining factor in your profits. In other words, if you are running a business with too many expenses it will likely eat up your profits meaning that you are not making any profit at all.


Risk of outbreak

The next thing you need to consider is the possibility of a disease outbreak which is common in the poultry business. If your plans did not cover emergency treatment when the need arises then you will add it because an outbreak can kill all your birds within few days especially when there is no proper preparation and treatment for the outbreak.


Risk of poor Production

Sometimes your layers could be laying eggs in small sizes only such could be a sign that they need treatment. Another problem of poor production could be a slight drop in daily egg production as a result of poor feeding or disease.



From the above details, you can see how easy it is to plan and set up your own poultry farm for the sole purpose of producing eggs. If you can contribute to making this post use the space provided below it to add more to it.



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