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Taking a screenshot on your Mac is quite different from taking a screenshot with other computers. In Mac, every keyboard command represents specific action in the screenshot operation. Though a lot of people cannot still phantom out how screenshots are carried out of Mac because it could be seen as a bit complex when compared to other computers.

The users of Mac products that usually need to execute screenshot operations daily as a result of the nature of the work being carried out with the Mac computer need to know these steps available in carrying out your screenshot in Mac.

There are three major ways you can execute the screenshot command on Mac. These methods are not difficult to learn all you need to do is to master the procedure or process.  Though Mac is not a common computer that everyone in Nigeria has access to, knowing this skill can still help you to become a source of the solution when the right opportunity comes.

Do you know that the three options for taking a screenshot on Mac cannot work on your conventional computer? The reason is that the processes are not the same.





press 'Shift', Command and 3

Press ‘Shift’, Command and 3

Press and hold the following keyboard buttons: ‘Shift’, + ‘Command’ +, and ‘3’. Once you are able to hold these three keyboards down at the same time, a screenshot of your entire Mac screen will be taken. That is one method of taking a screenshot entire Mac screen without the option to edit before making the screenshot.

In some Mac device, you may see a thumbnail on the corner of your Mac device screen you can quickly use it to edit or make changes to the screenshot or accept the option of waiting until the screenshot is taken.


The second method enables you to take a screenshot of a portion of your Mac screen. This is quite different from the first method because it does not take the screenshot directly rather it will make a crosshair sign on your mouse to enable the mouse to make a selection of a particular portion of the screen that needs to be a screenshot.

press 'Shift', Command and 4

Press ‘Shift’, Command and 4

To execute the action, just press and hold down the following keys on your Keyboard: ‘Shift’, + ‘Command’, + and ‘4’.then drag the crosshair using your mouse to select the portion of the screen you want to capture. You can move the selection after the capture by pressing and holding the ‘Space’ bar while dragging and you can cancel the entire process by clicking the ‘ESC’ button.

You can then execute the ‘Capture’ command by releasing your mouse or the trackpad button. You can edit the screenshot by clicking on the selected thumbnail or allow the screenshot to capture first and save to your Mac.



This method is similar to Method 2 just that you have to press the space bar. It helps you to capture a window or menu. To carry out this screenshot method follow these steps;

Display the portion of your window or menu you wish to screenshot and head over to your keyboard to press and hold the ‘Shift button’ + the ‘Command button’ + ‘4 buttons’ + ‘Space Bar button’. The screen pointer will display a camera icon at this stage you can cancel the operation by clicking the Escape button ‘ESC’ or proceed to the next step.

press 'Shift', Command and 4 + space bar

Press ‘Shift’, Command and 4 + space bar

Click on the window or menu to capture it. You can also press and hold the option key while you click to enable you to exclude the window’s shadow from the screenshot. As with the second method, you can wait for the screenshot to save on the computer or click on the thumbnail that appears in the corner of the screen to edit the screenshot.


The name ‘screenshot (date) (time).png’ is the default saving name and picture format of every screenshot you take with your Mac. You can search the ‘screenshot app’ to locate the default folder in your Desktop where the screenshot has been saved.




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