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  In some ways, attachments to our favorite possessions cannot be undone. But why does it seem so important especially when it involves your favorite pair of jeans? It’s simply because jeans never get old, they can only get off trend. It could also be the perfect way it snug’s your body, or fit in the right places which could prove difficult to find a new jean that fits exactly that way.


 The following are excellent ways to revamp old jeans and turn them into something new at home;


Restoring colors of your jean can be carried out with two different ingredients;

  • Salt; This in small quantities cannot cause any problem but it is otherwise if a large amount of salt is used to soak old jeans. This method is usually carried out by soaking old jeans in cold water after initially washing them with the addition of salt to their regular wash.
  • Vinegar; this prevents new jeans from fading easily in the first place as a preventive measure. It also works perfectly as a corrective measure by adding one cup of distilled vinegar to water and soaking the jean for about an hour. 




NOTE: A good preventive measure is to stop the use of powdering detergents to wash jeans to avoid fast fading.


 To ensure your jeans look authentically ripped by a pro as possible to appeal to others, you have to wash them out thoroughly to identify places in need of a little bleach. Then, you can now proceed to carefully mark out places you might want to rip after examination on your body.

Another important factor in this technique is gathering the necessary tools to ensure an authentic look. These tools are as follows with their function;

  • Tweezers: it can be used to pull out fray threads for a more rugged look.
  • Sandpaper: it is used to roughen  up other areas for natural wear and tear look, for example, ankle, pockets, etc.
  • Sharp nail scissors:  this is used to create holes and scrape down the length of jeans in the area you want your rip to form. 



  • Check out the care label to determine if the fabric is a dyeable fabric.
  • Choose a dye that is similar to the original color of the fabric only
  • Get an open area for workspace
  • Tie fabric; you can secure the area you want to dye with a rubber band in accordance with the tie and dye technique you want to use. An Example of these techniques is crumple tie and dye jean.
  • Immense deeply in the dye solution
  • Rinse in clean water
  • Spread out flat in an open area.


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