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GOtv Subscription Plans


You are not alone when it comes to top GOtv subscription and resetting of the decoder, gets you covered. The possibility of encountering technical problems when trying to subscribe and activate a GOtv after using it sometime can be high. However, we have a solution to such a problem.

Sometimes, the problem could arise as a result of an error. The error could be the E16 or E30.  If your GOtv decoder got disconnected during the subscription the E16 error is likely going to show on the screen of your television.  Another possible error is the E30 which occurs when your decoder has no signal for a long time or has been turned off. These errors will display on your computer screen.

You have options on how to resolve any of the two possible errors. The steps of resolving them wouldn’t cost you money and are less technical. It equally means you do not need to hire a technician to do that for you.

The options you have includes using your mobile phone USSD codes for GOtv decoder reset or using the available online service for the same purpose. Another option is to use an online service on the GOtv website page.  Whichever option you choose depends on what is convenient for you.

GOtv pack

GOtv pack

Assuming you want to reset the decoder with USSD code all you need to do is to send a text message 4688 using the following text “Reset + your decoder IUC Number”. You can see the IUC number on the red at the bottom of the decoder.

If that did not work, you can dial *423# or *288*1# with your mobile phone, this will connect you to customer care where you can explain your problem.

Assuming you are going to use the online option, open your phone browser and type,  on the website page pick Nigeria from the list f options of countries. Sometimes your country can be chosen automatically.

Login to the GoTv website page by using the details you have such as the IUC number of your decoder, your name, or Mobile phone number.

In the list of options, click on the ‘Clear your error’ then choose the error current error you are having and hit the “Reset your error” button. While doing these, ensure your decoder is not switched off or out of the signal connection.

Alternatively, you can visit the website and select the ‘Easy Self Service’ menu at the top of the webpage and look out for the “Fix errors” option. Once you find it, put your IUC number and choose the type of error and put the requested captcha code.

Note that all the methods you are going to use requires your decoder to be powered and in a proper position to accept the signal when everything is resolved.

If you are finding it difficult to do any of the mentioned methods of resetting the decoder, or you have tried all the methods and the problem still persists, then you have the option of contacting GOtv for assistance.

You can meet GOtv on social media (Twitter: @GOtvNG), Call the Nigerian GOtv office on 08039044688 or send an email to any of the staff can assist you to get the decoder working again. However, ensure you have some vital information available with you before contacting GOtv. Such information includes your IUC number, and the bank account number you used for payment.


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