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People arguing as a result of a betrayal


What is betrayal? Simply put, it is a violation of a person’s trust or confidence. It could also be taken as an act of treachery. More often than not, betrayal usually comes from someone you know. Either a family member or a loved one. It won’t be classified as a betrayal if you never had any relationship of the sort. That is why it hurts so much that it is usually difficult to bounce back. In this article, we will be looking at how to recover from a betrayal.


The effects of betrayal include:
1. Shock
2. Heartbreak
3. Grief
4. Destroyed self-esteem
5. Self-doubt
6. Anger or resentment
7. Inability to trust again
8. In extreme cases health and mental problems.

Seeing as you have been disappointed by someone you trusted, how do you bounce back after a betrayal? How do you recover from such devastation?


1. Erase the imprints of betrayal: This is going to be a deliberate and determined action. You will need to make a conscious effort to obliterate it, to let it go even while you are still hurting.

2. Forgive: Forgive the individual who betrayed you. I know it’s easier said than done but it can be accomplished. If you do not forgive, you cannot move on.

3. Allow yourself to trust again: This could take months or even years but you need to be ready to put yourself out there again. If it requires you to go for therapy please do the needful. One cannot truly live unless you can trust others.

4. Regain faith in yourself: Often when we are betrayed, we feel it was our fault or the betrayer often uses the blame game making us feel we are responsible for our betrayal. You need to have faith in yourself again.

5. Find others who have faith: Relate with like minds. People who have faith in themselves, who do not hold themselves accountable for every wrong ever done to them.

6. Be ready to live again: Remember, you may have been down but it didn’t put you out. Give yourself a chance to live again, to trust again and to love again. Do not let your past define the rest of your life.

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