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Having high-quality audio is what makes an online video course to be engaging. Meaning that poor audio can ruin the learning experience of your course even the content is excellent.

While creating an online video course, recording the audio is the toughest part of the creation process, because of the things that will take place during that period.

As a new person in the creation scene, you must understand that you don’t need a separate studio to record your audio, but you need to learn and master the different aspects to avoid been overwhelmed.

I know you’re asking yourself, what do I start?

And if so, then this article is for you to know how to record quality audio for your video course.

1. Buy a Quality Mic

Buying a quality mic is the investment you will do if you want to create excellent videos for your online course.

Having it will bring a big improvement in the quality of your audio. Because you’re recording with an external microphone with your computer or smartphone built-in microphone to support it.

However, we are not saying that you should buy a super expensive microphone, because there are many affordable ones in the market or online, that you can buy and get quality audio using them.

2. Position Your Microphone in the Right Way

Well, getting the right microphone doesn’t mean that you get quality audio using it. You will only get quality audio with it when you know how to position it the right way. So, you must learn how to position the microphone before recording to get quality sound with it.

Quality mic position

3. Reduce the Background Noise While Recording

Background noise is the noise within you and it can spoil a lot of things while recording, however, there are little things that you can do to keep the noise in check.

First, remove anything that makes a lot of noise within you, like your fan, TV, or A.C, etc. Next, place the microphone at a minimum distance away from your computer to avoid picking up any sound from it.

If possible, record in an environment that is far from the road or street. Close the windows of the room you’re in before you start recording your audio.

4. Rehearse Before You Start Recording

Preparation play a key in creating quality audio, and this is possibly the simplest thing you need to do to get amazing audio.

First, write down the content of the course before you start recording. Probably by writing the whole content or even writing down the bullet points of your content.

You can get a teleprompter that will assist you in reading your content, especially if you’re using it word to word. Moreover, you must create time to rehearse with the content of the course to get familiar with it, especially the words that are difficult to pronounce.

5. Check Sound Quality Before Recording

Nothing on this earth is perfect but you can try and make your audio a perfect one. By making sure that your audio quality is good before you start recording the main audio. You can do this by creating a short audio test to check your sound quality.

With the simple audio test, you will check for everything like background noise and echo, volume, disturbances, etc. Also, you can use headphones to check the quality of the sound and to know if anything is wrong, to quickly fix it before recording your content.

6. Edit the Audio to Improve The Audio Quality

Staying in a perfect environment to record your audio doesn’t guarantee the consistency of your audio.

And that’s where audio editing comes alive, to remove unnecessary things and add things that make the audio a high-quality one.

For example, using audio editing, you will achieve many things like removing background noise, cutting out silences, perfecting the volume, adding more sound effects, etc.

Do know that audio editing is not in any way a substitute for doing the right thing while recording audio. So, knowing the bases is a must while recording your audio.

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