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Using the prepaid meter is the best option when it comes to power consumption and its billing and the use is gradually gaining ground in Nigeria.

A prepaid meter will help you to pay for what you consumed rather than estimated bills were given to houses that have no meter installation.

The electric prepaid meter will help you to regulate and have full control of your power consumption. All you to do is recharge it when the unit is finished.



You have three options when it comes to recharging your prepaid meter. You can either recharge the prepaid meter by Smart Card code, smart card, or online recharge.


How to Recharge the Prepaid Meter Online

Visit the power holding company official website at

On the website page, there are names of regional power distribution companies in Nigeria. From the list; The EEDC (Enugu Power Distribution Company), AEDC (Abuja Power Distribution Company), PHEDC (Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company), KEDCO (Kano Electricity Distribution Company), EKDC (Eko Electricity Distribution Company), select the one that registered your meter.

Each distribution company has a specific webpage. Depending on the option you choose, a new webpage for the company will open where you can fill in your details such as your meter number, amount of electric unit you are buying in naira, your email and phone number, then hit the submit button.

The next step will enable you to confirm your order summary and choose your best means of payment either bank transfer or using your ATM card.

After that, a new page will load where you will see a confirmation notification. At this stage, your order has been confirmed. A token for the payment will be sent to your mobile phone confirm the token by entering it on your prepaid meter, once everything is done correctly your meter will be credited with the amount you have paid.


How to Recharge Prepaid Meter using Smart Card Code

Every smart card comes with a 20-digits code. You can use the code to recharge your prepared meter though not as simple as the online meter. Here are procedures for it;

Visit any DISCO office nearest to you or any of their dealer outlet, don’t forget to go with your smart card.

Give your smartcard to the officer or staff and inform them of your intention to recharge using the smart card code.

You will be asked to make your payment, in that case, pay the planned amount of unit you want to recharge.

A payment receipt will be issued to you alongside another slip bearing the 20-digit code you will use to activate the recharge.

When you return to the location your meter was installed, use the UIU keyboard to type the 20 digit code correctly on the LCD screen.

When everything is done right, your screen will show “ACCEPT” which implies that the payment has been accepted. The indication of “REJECT” means something has gone wrong you may restart the process again.


How to Recharge Prepaid Meter using The Smart Card

You can recharge the prepaid meter directly with its smartcard, the process is efficient but not as simple as the online payment method. Here is the procedure;

Connect your meter control box to a power source.

Open the meter-monitor card door and put the card in the normal directional showed on the card.

After putting the card, a signal like three dashes ‘_ _ _’ will show on the LCD screen. That is a sign of synchronization of the smartcard with the meter, you should not do anything rather wait for the synchronization to finish. Any attempt to remove your smart card at this point could damage the smart card or the prepaid meter.

After some time the LCD screen will display a message of successful loading of the smart card when the synchronization completes.


Check Your Balance in the meter

Now you have successfully carried out recharge on your prepaid meter, the next thing is to check the balance in the prepaid meter.

Use the UIU keyboard on the prepaid meter and type 07 and click the blue button. The available balance will show on the screen. You may see data like this {200:45}.

Know Your Meter Number

In case you are finding it difficult to know your meter number for a quick online recharge method, here are ways you can do that; use the UIU keyboard and type 65 then hit the blue button. The eleven digits number of your meter will display on the meter LCD screen.


In case you encountered difficulty during the process or your device additional means of making the recharge of prepaid meters, you can help us to update his post with your information by submitting your additional information through the guest post form below the post or before the comment section.





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