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Knowing when and how to quit your relationship can be difficult. But, no matter how difficult it seems you just know that you don’t belong there anymore. So what next, you have to get out and move on, but how?? How do I move on? How do I get the person to understand that this isn’t working?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to quit your relationship, without necessarily hurting yourself or your partner. But before then, know that you have every right to end a relationship if it’s not going the way you envisaged it. So yes let’s get started:


STEP 1: Know What You Want Before Quitting Your Relationship

I know you want to quit your relationship that’s why you are here but have you stopped to think about why you want to quit your relationship. Is it just a feeling? Is it because of what your friends said? Is it because you both are not compatible? Did you guys grow apart? Knowing your reason for wanting to end your relationship, will strengthen your decision and save you from hurting. Know what you want for yourself and go for it.

How to quit your relationship without hurting

STEP 2: Know What To Say And How To Say It

If you want to quit your relationship without hurting yourself, you will have to do a lot of thinking. Think about how best you are going to present the conversation. Carefully consider your reasons and know how best to present them to your partner. Don’t throw the breakup news into your partner’s face. Words have capacities to hurt an individual, so please know what you want to say before meeting with your partner.

STEP 3: Break up Face to Face When Quitting Your Relationship

It’s hurtful and heartbreaking to quit a relationship over the phone. First, it shows that you don’t value or respect that person. I know that breaking up physically can be very hard, but it shows that you know what you want and respects the person. Don’t just leave a test and runoff, you will hurt yourself and hurt the person. This is because a lot of questions will haunt you. So be kind enough to schedule a meeting in a conducive environment and honestly call the relationship off.

STEP 4: Show Empathy

When you want to quit your relationship, be considerate enough to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Show sincere love  and intentions . Don’t be harsh and unreasonable. Understand that he/she might have a hard time processing the breakup.

STEP 5: Avoid Blames

Don’t blame yourself or your partner if you decide to quit the relationship. Understand that you both tried but it didn’t work. Appreciate his/her effort and walk away on good terms. Don’t get into a fight, and please avoid arguments.  Having dissolved the relationship, it’s good to take some time before hopping into another relationship. I believe this will help you, please drop your feedback in the comment box below!!

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