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Are you like many people who think that Instagram is a platform where teens and young adults share videos and photos? That’s what Instagram is but there are things you can do on Instagram and one of them is promoting your blog. Instagram is a popular visual platform in the world and a great means of driving traffic to your blog.

Research has shown there are over one billion active users monthly, and as a social media platform, Instagram has big means of presenting your blog content to a wider audience that might need your content. So, consistently sharing your blog content on Instagram can get you a huge number of readers to your blog.

This blog post will show you ways of promoting your blog on Instagram to get more readers’ attention.

Post Great Content

Be good at creating and posting great content. It’s a great way of getting people to your blog because you’re coming up with new content. But, make sure that your content is relevant to your blog and that you’re publishing high-quality and informative content on your blog for them to read when they land there.

Don’t be a stereotype in your content, create different types of content; videos, images, infographics, memes, etc. Create them in such a way that they will be unique and appealing to hook and encourage them to visit your blog.

Publish Blog Post Teasers in Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is a clever way you efficiently use to promote your blog posts and hook them to check out your blog.

You can use Canva to create killing and appealing IG stories to share your blog links effectively.

Connect and Engage With Other Bloggers

Connecting and engaging with other bloggers on their pages is a great way of growing and promoting your blog on Instagram. Also, effectively engaging with your followers will help you get more likes and comments on your posts.

You need to take your time and find people on Instagram with a similar approach to yours and follow them. Most of them will return the gesture by following you too and that they will be seeing your posts to get value from you.

Use Branded and Industry Relevant Hashtags

The hashtag is what big and small businesses are using to encourage content sharing and promotion from their customers and followers. You can do the same for your own blog by creating your own hashtags. Or, better still play around with the industry-relevant hashtags to get your blog posts in front of a wider audience.

Using hashtags on your posts makes them be easily found by people who follow hashtags to find something valuable. And as a result, you will get more readers for your blog and new followers as well.

Be Consistent

Believe me, it won’t be easy at the beginning because at a point you will be discouraged as a result of little or no views. But if you keep showing up great content it will pay off.

And when it pays off, maintain 190% consistency when sharing your blog content. Because if you fail to do you might lose followers.

Before you start to promote your blog content, create a contcontent calendar to keep you posting regularly.


Spending money on paid promotions and buying likes or even followers without great content value will be a waste of resources because people won’t stay to be loyal followers.

So, to be able to grow your brand and reach new audiences daily, make sure you implement the tips discussed in this blog post today. And with a few months, you will see the amazing result and might even turn out to become a micro-influencer within your niche.

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