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Why You Need To Secure Your Modern WoodWooden Furniture against Rain or Water Contact

If you have encountered what I am about to reveal in his post, you will understand why this information is very important especially to those who don’t have any idea of such information.

Have you noticed recently how our modern woodwooden furniture gets damaged the moment it come in contact with water? Many wouldn’t understand this because they properly have not experienced it.

Modern furniture is expensive even more than the old ones not excluding the reduced quality in terms of wood used in the making as compared to old furniture. Though aesthetics is a vital consideration in the making of modern furniture that does not mean we should throw durability aside.

Modern woodworkers are trying their best to give us the best-looking furniture anyone will appreciate though some are made with quality and durable materials and such types are very expensive and not readily affordable to an average income earner. Those made for such average citizens or I would rather say, those affordable to an average income earner are usually made with cheap materials.

If you really need wooden furniture that can last and be able to withstand water problem, obviously you need to go for the best and when I say the best I mean the expensive ones built with quality woods.

The problem I have observed from the modern affordable wooden furniture is the use of low-quality woods. These woods are extremely aesthetic and come in different colors however, something is not right with this type of woods.

If you have been to furniture wood shops you will see fine wooden furniture such as wall hanger, ward rope, cupboard, bookshelf, and lots more. This furniture is not cheap and the majority of them will have a problem once they have any contact with water. The major cause of this can be traced to the type of wood used in making the furniture.

I believe you have seen some type of wood boards made with sawdust, they have aesthetic looks but will not allow nails to pass through instead screws are used to join the wood together. In fact, the easiest way to know this type of wood is the screws used in the making of the furniture. Most computer tables and office tables are made with this type of wood and such furniture will have zero tolerance for water contamination.




To ensure your furniture made with the above-mentioned type of wood stay longer and serve the expected life span here are things you must do:

Ensure the screws are enough and well tightened to hold the joined parts firmly.

Check the furniture thoroughly and figure out any shaking as a result of weakened joints resulting from weakened screws.

Water contamination is another serious problem, these types of furniture are not water-friendly, therefore keep water far away from them if you want the furniture to last for you.

Replace the edge seal. Usually, these types of furniture have edge seals that have a similar color or looks to that of the entire body, sometimes the seal will fall-off due to old age or contact with liquid such as water. Replacing the seal will ensure no further water or water touches the inside of the wood.

The furniture should not be exposed to impact forces. This simply means you should not hammer an object placed on the furniture or the furniture itself.

Once any of the screws get weak, replace the strength of the furniture by asking a woodworker to drive-in another screw within the area of the loosed screw. This helps to reinforce the weakened part.



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