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How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Jeans

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As the use of casual wear is becoming popular and acceptable in almost all fields of life, wearing jeans has become a norm. As a result, the need to buy quality jeans and use them appropriately to ensure a longer lifespan has become a necessity.

There are varieties of jeans in the market from brand name to thickness and color each feature join to define the quality of the jeans.  The quality of jeans is determined by the duration of the jeans while in use, and the color-retaining ability of the jeans while in use.

Because quality jeans are now expensive in the market, the need to handle them with care to extend their lifespan has become a necessity. Though you can technically assist the jeans to last longer than expected, it does not exclude the fact that the jeans will certainly expire one day.

Meanwhile, let us discuss what you need to do in other to extend the life of your jeans. Here are the tips:


SOAK WITHOUT DETERGENT: This is one of the washing tips you need to adopt to prolong the life of your jeans. When it is time to wash your jeans, consider soaking the jeans fully covered in clean water without adding detergent for about four or more hours before washing them. This helps to protect the color of the jeans from fading away and ensures that trapped dirt in the jeans is fully extracted when washing without affecting the color of the jean. Though you may not completely pretend the color of jeans from fading away as time progresses, this practice will help to slow it.

AVOID BLEACH: Using bleach to wash any colored cloth is the quickest way of eliminating the color and weaken the appearance. The same applies to jeans. If you use bleach to wash your jeans, the color will be washed alongside the dirt in the jeans, if such continues the jeans will quickly start appearing dull color and old.

SOFT AND PROLONG WASHING: jeans are a thick fabric and they can accumulate so much dirt. To provide time for the accumulated dirt to escape during washing, you need to soak the jeans with water for some time and thereafter proceed with a soft and prolong washing. This idea is very easy to carry out if you are using a washing machine.

LITTLE DETERGENT OR A BAR SOAP:  the idea of using a large volume of detergent to wash jeans is not good. The reason is that some detergents have bleaching effects on cloths hence using them in large quantities will certainly affect the color of the jean and dull their appearance faster as the practice continues over time.

ENOUGH WATER: washing of jeans requires water just like any other cloth. You need to ensure that your jeans are completely immense inside water. So that dirt in the jeans can easily escape during washing.


SOFT DRAIN: when it is time to dry the jeans, over-draining could be dangerous to the strength of the fabric and possibly create room for defects. It is good to carry out a soft drain on the jeans and place it in a place it can gradually evacuate all the water in them.  This will make the drying time to be longer but in return, it helps to preserve the color and strength of the fabric. It is a good drying method usually applied by professional dry cleaners. If you are using a washing machine, spin the jeans for few seconds to remove the initial water contained in them and bring it out from the machine and allow it to dry naturally in a suitable place.

MODERATE SUNLIGHT:  drying your jeans under heavy sunlight for a very long time and doing that repeatedly will help to weaken the material, fade the color, and possibly shorten its lifespan. The safe way is to dry it under moderate sunlight and remove it the moment it dries, using timing can help you stick to this rule. If it is possible to dry your jeans outside direct sunlight, it will be the best option.


BLUSHING: Blushing of jeans means using a fabric blush or bathing sponge to blush the surface of the jeans to remove the accumulated dirt on some parts of the jeans so that you can wear them at that moment. This is very common for those wearing jeans regularly, it helps to reduce the number of times you are going to wash the jeans again after the last washing.  In other words, it is good to blush your jeans after first and second wearing especially if the dirt in it has not become very divisible. When blushing your jeans, do not use too much detergent, blush gently and thoroughly. Meaning, you should not concentrate on a particular spot.

COMBINATION: another way to prolong the jeans’ lifespan is the combination method. This implies using more than one pair of jeans. It means having varieties of jeans in your wardrobe to alternate the wearing of them so that none of them will wear out fast. Remember that the often y wear jeans, the often you wash them. But having varieties reduces the number of times you wear one.

The above tips will certainly help you to prolong the life of your jeans. Though I may not have covered all areas, I believe the tips highlighted in this post will be of immense help to you.

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